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5 Baby Products That Adults Use!


Diaper cream, baby powder, baby oil and baby wipes. Don’t be misled by the labels! Adults have been using these products as their daily beauty hacks.

Don’t believe? Just have a look at what we found out-



Here are some of the common baby products adults often use, BUT, often shy away from sharing with anyone. *wink*

Baby Wipes

Wipes are one of the best baby products created, Everrr! Baby wipes are gold. Aside from cleaning your baby, they double up as a make-up remover, counter top cleaner, spot-cleaner for your clothes and saving grace in gum-on-shoe situations. They’re there for you. Always. Unconditionally.

These baby wipes from Johnson’s are a multi-tasker!


Baby Oil

Many women use baby oil to remove eye makeup as they contain a baby-safe formula that won’t irritate the eye area or leave your eyelids dry.

Johnson’s baby oil is a classic – the timeless preference of all moms.


Baby Moisturiser

Adults find the baby moisturisers to be extremely satisfying as they are not only good to treat dry skin, but also maintain a moisture barrier that lasts all day.

Baby lotions are divine!

It being parabens, dyes and alcohol-free, this baby lotion from Chicco’s is a big “Yes” for all the adults dealing with skin allergies.



Sunscreen products for babies mostly have a high concentration of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Therefore, adults have been using baby sunscreens extensively. Also they are great for sports like biking and skiing.

This sunscreen from Babyganics makes a great sunscreen for adults as well. Certainly a life-saver in scorching heat!


Baby Powder

Forget your baby’s butt! Baby powder is actually dry shampoo in disguise, as it imparts a beautiful shine to the hair. Sprinkle a bit of this baby powder on tresses, shake it through and in no time the grease disappears. The end result – beautiful, shiny cascade-like hair, in a jiffy!


Once you start pampering yourself with some of these baby products, you may never turn back.

Do you use any baby products on yourself or in and around the house? Let us know how in the comments!


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