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5 Gifts For New Dads This Father’s Day


Brand “Dad” is by far the most underrated commodity when it comes to life post kids. When mother bears all the pain and postpartum pressure, there is no denying in the fact that she enjoys all the gifts and pampering too. And the cherry on the cake, the father gets ignored by his own wife!

So to make up for it here is my list of 5 gifts curated for a wonderful dad, who also deserves some pampering:

Cordless Phones

Watching TV is a far fetched dream in the same room as mommy and child. And our dear daddy don’t know how to pass time with this little luxury also taken away from him. So why don’t gift him with these much needed pair of headphones. Amazing range, superb quality and the promise of Brainwavz. It sure will bring a big smile on his face.



Personal grooming becomes an agenda for moms and dads alike. The only Sunday Dad has to groom himself, is torn between his wife’s rest and babysitting the newborn. So a trimmer will help him look his best while juggling his office and family. And this product is so light that it will be his best friend while travelling.


Amazon Prime Videos

Prime video offers access to digital movies and TV shows with a monthly membership.

Prime Video is available in over 200 countries and territories– all you need is an Amazon account, Prime Video membership, and a compatible connected device. Its simple and effective to help dad fight boredom.


Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are literally amazing, because they are boxes filled with surprises and happiness. These subscription boxes would actually be the best and the perfect gift, one could give to a new Dad. There are a plethora of options in the market. Try the msm mens box. It would surely brighten anyone’s day as it’s one of its kind.


Personalised Gifts

And above all these gifts, what matters the most at times is to express one’s love. Those three magical words for your husband could make his day. And you can do it with these customised gifts from Archie’s.


No matter all the stress, sleepless nights, arguments the love of a couple only strengthens after this ordeal of being new parents, as love and patience conquers all.

So stay happy and stay in love. And if you liked these ideas don’t forget to share your stories in the comments below.


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