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Hobbies To Unlock Your Kid’s Creativity


Hobbies help to keep your mind and soul intact. So it’s good to encourage your children discover their hobbies at a very young age. Here we’re with 5 such creative hobbies perfect for your tiny tots.

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away” – Phyllis McGinley

Well said! But, hobbies are not only meant to kill boredom but also to add more values to your life.

  • Hobbies aid in discovering your own self and building self-confidence.
  • A childhood hobby can turn into your passion and eventually, you can even build upon it to make a career.
  • Hobbies can take you away from despondency and despair. After all, life isn’t fair always.

That pretty much sums up why your child should develop a hobby. So what kind of hobby should that be?

There is a thought-provoking quote, “Find three hobbies you love: One to make MONEY, One to keep you in SHAPE and One to be CREATIVE”.

Certainly, the first two hobbies are not needed for your children at this point in life. So you should discover the ones which will unlock their creativity.

Here are 5 such creative hobbies which can enthrall your child.

1. Drawing & Painting

Drawing and Painting is an all time fun activity and it can assuredly feast the creative little minds.

Your kid will love to explore everything with his tiny fingers. So this Finger Painting Kit from Funskool will be spot on.


Preschoolers can start with Hamley’s Magic wipe-outs.  It has 9 colored pens and a wipe-out pen. They can scribble their heart away and experience the pleasure of Drawing.

2. Arts and Crafts

You can inculcate arts and crafts in your kids in many ways. Funskool Play-Doh offers a variety of clay moulding kits. Some of their best sellers are Birthday Fun, Breakfast Buffet and Fun-Doh Gift Set.


When it comes to paper crafts, Funskool Origami Zoo and Happy Kidz Create with Shapes and Folds Kit are the wonderful choices.


3. Imaginary Play

Imaginary play will enhance the creative skills of children. You can let them pretend and play or enact a drama or do a puppet show.

Your kids will love this Sweet Shopping Cart from Saffire. To learn how Pretend Play toys can act as a self-learning tool, check this article.


Kids will be super excited to start their own puppet show with these cute little Finger Puppets from Karp.


4. Stimulating Toys

Stimulating toys are another way of engaging your kids in an innovative way. This is an amazing Wooden Bear Family Dress-up Puzzle from Melissa and Dough.


There is an incredible range of stimulating toys but nothing can beat Lego in triggering your child’s creative mind.


Some children admire puzzles but some do not. It all depends on the right choices. If your little one has just begun to play with puzzles, read this article to know more about the puzzles.

5. Real Life Leisure Pursuits

Toys can excite your kids but some real life activities can enliven their spirits even more. They will be intrigued when you indulge them in your own hobbies or everyday tasks. Like Drawing and Painting, these activities can immensely trigger their creative brains.

Gardening is a relaxing pastime where your kids can blend with nature, exhibit their planning skills and practice responsibility.

Knitting can foster their fine motor skills and strengthen their concentration.

Dancing is a good physical activity packed with fun and excitement.

Photography induces them to relish the beauty of God’s creation.

Singing will calm down your little one’s agile minds.

Children love Cooking on their own. Motivate them to come up with their own simple recipes.

Last but not the least Reading is one of the best creative hobbies. Through reading your child’s imagination is amplified and his fertile brain is set in motion. But, if you are experiencing difficulty in inculcating reading habits in your kids, read this to learn how.

So these are some eminent choices when you want your child to cling to a creative hobby. Surprise them with different activities and soon they will pick one as their best leisure pursuit.


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