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Moms! Go Organic With These Products


Are you the eco-friendly mama who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle with the use of Organic products? But, confused among a host of these products, all claiming to be the best. Right? Well, let me help you discover the organic products that you didn’t know how you lived without. 

Choosing the best of organic can be quite overwhelming. How does one zero in on the truly fabulous ones? With their focus on recycling resources, promoting ecological balance and conserving biodiversity, it was obvious to me that I am not only making a smart buying choice but, protecting the future of my kid. Isn’t it what we all want? To leave this earth in a better shape than how WE inherited.

I have not looked back since I made the decision to go organic. Here is my list of 5 must own organic products which I recommend to all moms –

Mamaearth Sunscreen

I was apprehensive about using a sunscreen on my baby, but picked this one up after the rave reviews it’s been getting. To begin with, it does not contain any harsh chemicals. It’s also free of parabens and sulphates and is absolutely safe for sensitive skin.

Even I have used it on a couple of occasions and it protects mama’s skin too, which is an added incentive for me. Product packaging is good and is travel-friendly.

Last but not the least, Mamaearth Sunscreen contains goodness of Almond oil , Olive oil , Shea and Cocoa butter and Calendula extract, to nourish baby’s skin.Screenshot_20170531-162126Organic India Honey

I was advised to take a spoonful of honey each day post delivery. That is when I was gifted this bottle of goodness by a friend. This is why I recommend this honey to all new moms-

WEIGHT CONTROL : This honey is totally pure and free of any corn syrups or added sugar that can tamper with weight loss plans. Let a honey-sweetened drink satisfy your sweet tooth without the empty crash of white sugar.

BRAIN BOOSTER : Honey contains pinocembrin, a unique enzyme found in only a handful of food items, that can boost memory function and prevent cellular loss within the brain. This is solely why I introduced honey in my son’s routine after he turned one. Not just a brain booster, it is immunity booster too.

FATIGUE FIGHTER : Honey dissolved in warm water or green tea kept me rejuvenated throughout the day, which I totally required once my baby started running.


Organic Coconut Oil

Baby acne? Cradle cap? Diaper rash? Sunburn? Baby massage? Stretch marks? There is one solution for all of these – Go for this organic Coconut Oil!

And, it just doesn’t end here, even pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised by coconut oil proponents to consume coconut oil because of its richness in Lauric acid and Capric acid. A diet rich in coconut oil is helpful in increasing the levels of lauric acid and capric acid in breast milk and also for a healthy womb environment.

I swear by this magical product!Screenshot_20170531-162531Organic Baby Food by Little Moppet

Preparing fresh home cooked food for the baby is not possible always. I was travelling this one time and I had a tough time feeding all the packaged food.

So, I consulted a lot of people and chose this brand. Little Moppet Food products are made from earth’s finest produce of grains, millets, nuts, pulses & dry fruits.

Many of the food items they offer have been trusted by generations in India. They are are chock full of vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, iron, carbohydrates, all the important things that a growing body needs. They delivered everything I wanted at my doorstep. Hats off to this Mom-entrepreneur – Dr Hema 🙂

Screenshot_20170531-162829Organic Cosmetics

Life definitely doesn’t come to a halt after having a baby. I loved dressing up before I had my child. But, after I became a mom there was a constant fear of using anything that might harm him. So all the fancy cosmetics were put away. Only until I tried Ruby organics!

A girl who is trying to make the cosmetic industry go animal abuse free was my new found friend. I could use this brand without worrying of harmful chemicals. Its brick red colour is my absolute favorite!Screenshot_20170531-163036It’s easy to see why going organic is a good choice. The non-organic products are bad enough for us adults, let alone for our more susceptible children!

Going the organic way, you don’t just protect your family, but end up being a responsible citizen of this planet too.

Let me know your experiences of these products in comments!


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