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6 Personalized Books For Kids That Work Magic


A personalized gift will enlighten your child with beautiful memories all his life. And, what better than a personalized book with his name in the story! This will be a unique and one-of-its kind gift that will make his face light up every time he goes through the book. To help you decide upon the perfect personalized book for your kiddo, we’ve selected from the many bestsellers that would help you make the book as special as it can be. 

Gift-giving is an art. But, when it comes to gifting your child, it becomes a tad more difficult to zero in on that perfect, special gift. One of the best ways can be “personalizing” a story book wherein your kiddo is the star of the story. This will not only exhibit your efforts and thoughtfulness,  but will also add the literacy benefits that come with it. And yes, this is a great gift option for any baby, irrespective of the occasion.

It’s a given that they bring all the smiles and giggles out of your children. Kids will cherish forever how fun it was to play and learn with a cool personalized children’s book. Be it the story time at night or playtime, these play a perfect role of engaging the kids to foster their imagination. Amazing..isn’t it?

So, here we’re with our picks that help you live out the fun adventures with your kiddo BUT with a “personal touch”.

1.Lostmy.name: This personalized book happens to be the UK’s best selling picture book. Of course, for it being a totally unique, personalised gift based on the letters of a child’s name!

This lives up to every bit of it’s tagline that says “Made by you in minutes, loved by them for life”.

With the added advantage of worldwide free shipping, this is certainly a go-to personalized children’s book.

lost my name1

2. Bookyboo Kids: A worldwide brand in its own right, Bookyboo kids specializes in simple personalized books. They make good old-fashioned, turn-the-page books, touched by their always evolving personalisation technology, i.e., the Bookyboo Genie. These books have a wide range of gripping stories, fun rhymes, captivating pictures and the real heroes – the children themselves!

So, it’s high time to turn off the screens, get cozy with your little ones and step into a Bookyboo adventure, together.

And, if you are looking at some great deals, download this app to get Rs. 250 off.


3. Oh! My NameThe book is a collection of short rhyming stories with colorful illustrations, personalized using the letters of the child’s name.

Similarly, for names with different alphabets, there are different stories specific to those alphabets.

For e.g. In the “Oh! My Name” book made for a boy called “Neil”, the boy will hear a Nightingale (N) singing, come across a Chimpanzee (E) who does not want his hair cut, meet a very reclusive animal called “Ila Pika” (I) and then do a lot of HAHAHEHE with a Laughing Buddha (L). Each of these animals will give the boy an alphabet i.e. ‘N’,’E’,’I’ & ‘L’ which will eventually form his name “NEIL”.

They also have the option to provide multiple books without any common story. Child’s photo can be added on the first page along with a personal message for your child.

This certainly makes a perfect gift to be treasured for lifetime.

oh my name

4. The Me Story: Discover and experience the magical joy of their personalised books! Based out of Bengaluru (India), these books have thrilling stories with personalised names and illustrations, that proves this to be a cherished gift for years to come.

Peppered with fun facts, stories, rhymes and rhythms, these thoroughly personalised books (illustrated with your child’s pictures, favorite toys, pets or possessions) are sure to delight you and your child alike!

sea creatures

5. I and My Story: Gift this fun personlised book where your kid is the leading character! Not only that, I and My Story team have put in a lot of effort to make this interactive personalized book to keep your child engaged for hours. Not to mention, the learning quotient and treasure full of fun and drama!

Also, content is as per the age group of the child. So, what are you waiting for! Just visit the site and order one for your child and let the magic unfold.


6. Personalized Books and Journals on Amazon: Select from a wide array of personalized journals, coloring books and story books on Amazon.in. You’ll find a variety of personalized storybooks that will fit your child’s interest. But, most of them are not thoroughly personalized.

So, go through each of the options to create a book in minutes that will last a lifetime.


Having listed our top picks, it’s your turn to decide what would interest your baby more.
Therefore, order a book now and give your kid a chance to be the star of the story. We bet, this will be a keepsake to be cherished for lifetime.
Also, if you would like to know about some other personalized gift ideas for your little one, read it here.


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