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5 Reasons To Buy Eco-friendly Toys


With the use of natural materials, Earth becomes a better place to live for everyone which includes our kids too. To practice this, there are many companies coming up with various natural toys. Whether you are looking to promote learning, develop fine motor skills or, encourage creativity, there are some awesome range of earth-friendly toys in the market. Here are five reasons to help you choose natural and safe toys for your babies.

As we all know, babies explore everything with their mouths and, plastic toys especially the cheap ones can cause irreparable harm to their developing minds and bodies. Plastic toys tend to contain toxic chemicals like Biphenyl A and phthalates which are known to be endocrine disrupters associated with birth defects, autoimmune disease and neurological and reproductive damage.

Toys made from natural materials are extremely baby-safe. They are often handcrafted by local artisans. They keep alive a tradition and often each toy has its own little quirkiness that is often missing in mass produced plastic toys. When you buy local toys made from natural materials, you also reduce your carbon foot print, by reducing transportation and logistical costs.

Wooden toys are timeless, durable, easier to fix, and are safe toys for babies. People choose plastic because sometimes wooden toys appear to be expensive but, in the long run the wooden toys are often passed down to generations. They are more charming and aesthetically pleasing.

So, let’s do our bit for our coming generations by going for eco-friendly toys:

Rattle and Teether

We believe that toys should be fun, stimulating, safe and made for children. So why not go for toys that are ethically sourced?

This elephant rattle doubles up as a teether that captivates and delights your adorable little one. Designed and created especially for tiny clutching hands, teething gums and curious minds.

Gentle rattling sounds soothe and engage the baby, drawing attention toward the direction of the sound. This rubber wood toy provides tactile, sonic and visual stimulation. Thus, qualifies this to be a perfect playmate for your tiny one.


Help Squad

Rescue from boredom is at hand. Fear not, the help squad is here!¬†Three beautifully crafted wooden toy cars that must be part of every child’s toy fleet.

Not just fun for whizzing around, these cars tell safety a story to every child. The story of how help arrives when needed. Combine real world functionality with hours of creative entertainment.

These sturdy wooden toddler toys stand up to years of pretend and play, promoting creativity and imagination while helping develop social and gross motor skills. Crafted from non-toxic, natural and safe materials and water based paints and dyes, these safety cars are safe for your little hero!



From a perfect toddler toy play and cuddle space to an ideal teen huddle space, a go-to space every child will love.

Pitch a tent and tell a story. Pretend play or sleep in it. Crawl in and become a child yourself. Camp outdoors or in your balcony. Perfect for introducing your little one to the great outdoors.

Safe, strong yet light-weight, easy to assemble, these pitch-a-tent toy is great for travel purposes like picnics or long journeys.

Assembling builds fine, gross motor and spatial skills. Made with eco-friendly materials and bright natural, non-toxic, water-based paints, this is a great buy for pretend plays.


Simple wooden and cloth toys have less impact on the environment. Their long life and heirloom quality along with their renewable and biodegradable nature makes these toys safe for babies and are eco-friendly as well.

So, when you buy toys from natural materials, you are instilling the values of sustainable living in future generations at an early age. It is a priceless gift to the whole planet and just an added bonus that simple toys bring.

Let’s pledge to make this Earth a safer and more beautiful place to live. Bring about the change!


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