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5 Things That Make Breastfeeding Easier


Experiencing discomfort while breastfeeding? Possess these accessories to become more proficient at the skill of breastfeeding.

For most new moms, breastfeeding is not an easy journey. Though it’s highly rewarding, but, it’s far from easy in the beginning. The right tools when put together, can make the breastfeeding process a lot more easier.

Breast Pumps

You may be exclusively breastfeeding your baby, but having pumped milk on hand can give you a break now and then. Pumps range from manual, handheld models to electric pumps. You may pump directly into the BPA-free plastic storage bags, or pour milk from the bottle after pumping. Also, it works well to start solids by mixing pumped breastmilk with cereals for the first few feeds.

Here is one such pump from Medela, that is highly recommended by new moms.


Nipple Cream

Extensive breastfeeding often results in cracked, sored nipples. To help soothe and protect your nipples, you can go for a good nipple cream.

This nipple cream from Motherlove is primarily made from ingredients which are not only safe to use, but also doesn’t have a taste that will put your baby off.


Nursing Bra

It’s better to avoid normal bras while breastfeeding. Feeding bras are exclusively made from soft materials with fuller cups and wider straps for more comfort. They are mostly designed to support your breasts as they grow during pregnancy and to provide an easy access to nipples for feeding.

One such feeding bra is highly advised by new moms.


Nipple Shields

If you are facing difficulty feeding your little one, a nipple shield often comes to rescue. A nipple shield is a flexible silicone nipple that can be worn over the mother’s nipple. If your baby is having trouble latching or you have trouble dealing with teething toddles, a nipple shield may aid feeding, allowing milk to flow through small holes in the silicone. Shields come in various sizes.

You can opt for this nipple shield to provide the protection that you want.


Nursing Covers

While a “dupatta” works just as well, a nursing cover goes over your neck and provides a little window to see the baby and offers lot of coverage. It provides you with a safe and private space to breastfeed your baby wherever you are – even in public.

Here is a poncho style Nursing cover that is quite in demand amongst breastfeeding moms.


Nursing Pillow

Though not a must, a nursing pillow definitely helps breastfeed with ease. In the initial days of getting the latch and holding the baby right, a pillow will help you do all of this sitting up comfortably for both you and the baby.


All of us know, breastfeeding can take a bit of time to get used to. Remember to take care of yourself as well as your baby while you’re breastfeeding, and don’t be shy to ask for help if you’re struggling.

Do learn to relax so that the experience is more enjoyable and successful for both mother and the child.

Hope these tips help ease your transition to a new phase – Motherhood!


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