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5 Things That Make Fathers Super Adorable


Fathers are their daughters’ first love, provide an example for their sons on how to grow into a man, the integrity, the safety, and the security of the family. On the event of Father’s day, let’s have a look at some of the things that makes our fathers super adorable.

On the occasion of Father’s day, I was wondering about how much do we tell this unsung hero of our lives, what they mean to us. And do we ever thank them enough for being the superhero they are. Dads, be the new ones or the seasoned ones, are always  too adorable. For they might be their daughter’s first love, they also are their son’s first role model. And I am an ally to that witnessing how my 3 years old immolates his “Papa”.

So here is my list of top 5’s of what makes brand “Dad” so cuddly and adorable.

My Daddy Strongest: A father might be rock solid, but no one can beat how gentle he is with his child. From the day a father holds his newborn, to holding the cycle tight when his baby takes his first flight, the entire journey is special for him. In times like these even Dads need that extra boost, which we usually don’t get in our lifestyles. Try adding these to his routine and help him stay fit .

The Way He Respects Mom: From sharing the baby load, to mom’s work load. Dads simply rock it all. He always knows how to make “mumma” smile, even on gloomiest of days. And with such dads around, sons learn love and compassion. And, daughter’s wish for a man just like him in future. 

Bath time: Ever seen daddy and baby bathing? That is so awww! A child always waits for that Sunday to splash some water with papa. To make the bathing time super safe and fun try some of these, to make both daddy and baby smile.

Homework Time: With mums around the corner homework is always in place, but memories are created when a father wiggles his mind on those books with a child. And sitting with the child for hours, trying to figure out a project is simply overwhelming.

Mentor for Life: I believe dads are the cutest when they explain the most difficult lessons with such ease. Answering all questions, fighting those innocent dilemmas and teaching their child to believe in themselves. Fathers are the anchors of a person’s life.

A child in his heart always knows that if “papa” is there, I’ll be Alright. 

Cheers to this spirit of fatherhood. And more power to all the Dads.

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