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5 Things That Are Life-Savers For Working Moms

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Life of a working mom is all about battling deadlines, not only at office but at home front too. Full-time working moms go through a whole gamut of emotions. When she goes to work, there is a lot to be done in terms of preparation for one’s own self and for the baby as well. Let’s have a look at our curated list of products that can help maintain their sanity while at work.

Going back from maternity leaves or joining back work after a long sabbatical is never easy for a mom. In the process of joining back, she often goes through a plethora of emotions which leave her in a dilemma whether at all she should join back work or not? As the date to join back work approaches, many women start getting apprehensive of the fact as to who will look after their baby, how will they manage work and many such questions.

And when she chooses to go out for work, there is a whole lot of preparation that needs to be done. We present some of the products that working moms absolutely love – All the way from a working mom:


Trust us, nothing beats this if you have a daycare center nearby to your work. All the more better if there is one at your organization! This is because mornings are the busiest for a working woman, and if the distance between the day care and office is minimal it’s like a blessing in disguise. So this is one of the pointers that should be taken care of when you are searching for a suitable daycare for your little one.


Of course, no one wants to be helicopter parents and keep calling at the day care for the simplest of things, but a little check on what your kid is up to while you are at work won’t do any harm to anyone – Right? These days most day care are equipped with cameras so that parents can see what all activities their kids are doing the entire day. The camera also gives a sense of security to parents who otherwise might not get to know of what and how their kid is doing at the daycare center.

If you are leaving your little one with a care taker, always install a CCTV camera at home, in order to have a check on your baby.


Quick baby foods is not a sign of a lazy mom, but a working mom who is trying her best to multi-task at home as well as the office. The supermarket these days is flooded with organic baby foods, which do not require much time in the kitchen and can be prepared easily. These foods really come handy in the morning when you are in a hurry, but want to feed something rich in nutrition. Know more about organic formula food here in this article.


Breast pump is one device which has definitely made a working mom’s life much easier in the recent years. It is often advised by doctors to breastfeed a child for at least the first year. However, due to work and many such issues, not all woman are able to do that. Many times a woman has to join back work after 4-5 months of maternity leave and the only thing which worries her is that the kid would have to let go off breast milk, all because she would have to spend at least eight hours at work. A breast pump is a life-saver in such situations. You pump out enough milk which will last a good 8 hours in proper refrigerated conditions. Gone are the days if you think that the baby can’t be fed with breast milk if you are at work.

If you want to know about various ways to store breast milk, learn it here.


We all know how a working mom feels after she joins back work from her maternity leave. Emotional breakdown, mommy guilt is one of the many things. She also experiences enlarged breasts because of long gaps in feeding. Due to which leaking becomes a common phenomenon. Nursing pads come to a working moms’ rescue in such situations. They also provide protection from the constant moisture, so that thrush or other infections don’t grow in the nipple area.

It’s no mean feat to carve out a work-life balance when you have the giant responsibility of your little one. We hope these products will help you in this journey of motherhood, to a large extent.

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