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6 Newborn Essentials


About to welcome your newborn into the world? Cut down on anxiety and stick to our list of “must haves” for your newborn before you buy every single thing available on the market.

When everyone is telling you a different story about what’s a “must-have”, we have simplified the list to help you figure out the essential products you need to have for your newborn:


It won’t take you long to become an expert at changing your baby’s diapers, but having everything ready for those first few times will make it a lot more easier. Also keep enough of nappies and wipes handy.

Infused with mild lotion to help protect baby’s delicate skin, these diapers from Pampers are one of the best available.



One of the most important piece of clothing for your newborn, they are not only cute, but also make diaper changes super easy. There are also a million different cute designs available, which are quite economical and thus, can be bought in a bunch.

This onesie is one of the most comfortable for newborns.


Baby Bottles

For some, breastfeeding is not possible. So, it is always wise to have a formula food option. It can never substitute the positives of breastfeeding, but it is always good to have a back up.


Baby Slings

A good sling is most definitely a newborn essential. It’s your lifeline to independence, keeping your little one snuggled close and your hands free to shop, cook, or write that all important business email.

Grab this baby sling with removable head support that gives the newborn extra head protection and allows discreet breast feeding.


Baby Swings

A swing has become a necessity over the years in order to improve upon the quality of life. If you have space constraints, go for a portable swing instead of full size baby swings. So, get yourself some free time to shower, do laundry and several other things. They are quite safe and come with toys, music, nature sounds, soft swaying and a comfy environment for your newborn to rest while you work.

You can opt for this portable and foldable swing-cum-Indian style hammock, highly recommended by new moms.


Bath Products

When it comes to baby soap, the shorter the ingredients list, the better — look for labels without too many additives and fragrances. A gentle baby wash will do for now.

Go for a tear-free formula in baby shampoos, as infants don’t always keep their eyes tightly closed when they are being bathed.

Also invest in a bath tub to make sure baby’s first baths are fun and safe.

Enriched with goodness of coconut based cleansers and Vitamin E, this baby wash from Mamaearth is quite much in demand.


New-age technology and studies on infant health and safety have increased our demand for newer, better products to enrich our lives. We are sure that these items are essential for raising happy babies as well as making life so much easier. So, if you are still pondering over what to add to your list, you can certainly start with some of these basics.


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