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Toys That Support Language Development: 8 Top Picks!


If your child is yet to speak clearly, don’t fret! There are some amazing toys that can help your little one learn to communicate and converse better. With a plethora of toys around, it becomes highly difficult to choose the perfect one. Let’s discuss about the top eight picks that are treasure troves for language development.

The best toys that support maximum language development are mostly the age old low-maintenance, no-battery toys.

Let’s get started with the list!

1.Stacking & Nesting Toys: One of the oldest toys, these have always been the favorite pick of infants and toddlers alike. Besides, fun and entertaining, it has some fantastic attributes when it comes to kids’ cognitive development and fine motor skills.  Playing with this traditional toy would help him to learn the preposition(behind, on, under, etc.), color, size, shape, counting concepts.

These stacking cups with both alphabetical letters and numbers, promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination and most importantly communication skills as this sets the stage for numbers and alphabets learning.


2. Pretend Play Toys – Be it a kitchen play set / baby doll house / farm set, these realistic play toys are the perfect choice for language and speech expansion in children.

For example, the kitchen set. Take out some of the food items and kitchenware from your kitchen and challenge your little ones to a role play. Children learn verbs, giving directions, asking and answering, eye contact, by enacting those imaginative plays. The possibilities are endless!

This family doll house is a fantastic toy not only for girls but, for boys as well. Surprised? Know how! This is an excellent way to teach language skills as you can target so many speech concepts and play skills. It helps learn about various furniture, family, feelings, verbs like eat, drink, sleep, sit, stand, etc. Parents! you’ll have a wonderful time seeing your little one dabbling and experimenting with the stuff in the doll house.

doll house 2

3. Cars / Trucks / Buses / Trains: It’s not a news that kids, especially the boys are ridiculously fascinated by cars, trucks, buses, or any sort of automobiles. They love zooming in cars here and there. Apart from all the fun and excitement, these vehicle toys are a great option when it to comes to enhancing your child’s language skills. 

Automobile toys are great for working on all kinds of action and describing words – Go, stop, start, crash, move, fast, slow! This is a toy that children should play with despite their gender.

car toy set

4. Mirror: This is an amazing hack to develop eye contact along with communication. Just place a mirror in front of your baby! You’ll be surprised at the ways she would try to reach out for herself touching her nose, eyes, mouth, etc. This a great inexpensive idea to establish speech in small children.


5. Wooden Blocks: Access to blocks with letters / numbers are a great way to target number and alphabet recognition. Playing with blocks help infant and toddlers learn preposition, color, shape, size, letter, number concepts and develop hand-eye coordination.


 6. Shape Sorter: Similar to wooden blocks, Shape sorters can also instill language skills other than just cognitive or motor planning skills.
shape sorter

7. Toy Phones:  In this world full of gadgets, toy phone is the most budget-friendly way for supporting speech and language development.

Hand him over this wooden toy phone and watch him pretend play. Get involved in the phone play by talking with him through another phone. It can be so much fun!

toy phone

8. Mr. Potato Head: One of the most favorite classic toys, Mr. Potato Head has been a favorite among parents and kids alike. For they teach so many languages plus vocabulary! Also an excellent choice for teaching body part names.

potato head

These are our top curated list of the language enhancement toys, mostly that do not make noise or battery operated. However, with so many other toys available these days, do not fret for choices. Instead, believe in “less is more” and “toy rotation”.

Also you need to sit with your child and facilitate his learning. Mere leaving them with these toys would not suffice.

And the best toy for your child is YOU. Talk to him. Play with him. Just be silly!

Do let us know what are your picks for speech and language development. We would like to hear from you.


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