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Rainy Day Activities When Playing Outside Isn’t An Option


When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and you’re stuck inside with your kids, it becomes a task to find ways to engage them. Luckily, we’ve come up with some boredom-busting ways to keep them entertained indoors for long.

If heavy rain is keeping your kids bored up inside, don’t fret. Instead, look for ways that can keep them engaged for long.

Also you get to bond and relax with your kids, which you otherwise do not get time to.

We’ve composed certain rainy day activities that will keep you and your family entertained for hours on end, that too in the confines of your home.

Try a Color Hunt – Place small buckets or containers of different colors and ask your kids to collect stuff of same colors around the house and put inside them. This is not only fun but also a color learning activity for your kids.

Pretend Play – The best ever activity you can ask for, be it in any season! These role plays are great ways for kids to learn by imagining and doing. Such plays being an important part of a kid’s development, help further in hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and most importantly self-learning.
You can assign kids with various responsibilities in household chores. Not only will they feel important and useful, they’ll also be proud of themselves to have accomplished the task.
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Clay Art Game – Clay Art Game is a great engaging indoor activity for the kids. Kids can apply all their creative juices, making dinosaur fossils stencils, small pots or any other art from the clay dough.
Children will adore making play dough and they will have fun exploring different art forms and color. play-dough-1143988_640
Cootie Catcher (Fortune Tellers) – Your kids will absolutely enjoy this as they’ll love making cootie catchers from scratch paper. This can be created by folding pretty papers stickers that would lift flaps to reveal fun fortunes.
We’re sure this will be a huge hit in your house in no time.

Board Games – You can spend a great quality time with your kids playing board games. Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to dig out those board games and challenge your kids for a game or two.

Puzzles are also a great option when you want to engage your little ones in a brainstorming yet a fun-filled activity.
Make Reading Fun – Interactive books go a long way for hours of engaged activities. This is one indoor activity that is educational, play and all fun! These help build your kid’s interest in reading.
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With these ideas in place, your kids will agree that being stuck inside isn’t always a bad thing.  Let them learn something new with these activities to bite that boredom.

These hacks are so good, your kids might just wish for bad weather more often.

We would really appreciate if you can share more of such ideas, in the Comments section below.


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