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Baby Gates – A Necessity?


Once babies start crawling, they try to explore the world around them. To protect them from potential accidents, a baby gate installation becomes important. Refer our go-to guide to make the most appropriate choice for your homes. 

It’s hard to watch over your child all the time, when they become mobile. We know it’s possible to have a mobile baby or toddler in a house or flat with no safety gates, but they do make life a lot easier. Exploring is good for your baby’s development. So we should not stop them from experimenting. Instead, it’s the right time to buy them some safety gates that can be installed in any area of the house.

One important thing to be considered before you invest in a safety gate is whether they are extendable or not, in case you would need to move them to a wider space.

Let’s understand the types of safety gates that are available in select shops and online stores.

There are mainly two types of safety gates:

Hardware, wall mounted safety gates: Best and most secure for high risk areas, these safety gates are the safer option. These are mounted on walls through screws. Thus, more recommended for gate near stairs.


The extending wood safety gate is versatile and stylish. Made from natural hardwood, this safety gate is equipped with a unique tilting spring mechanism that reduces stress on walls every time the gate is used. The safety gate can also be removed and replaced quickly with the quick release fittings to easily suit your lifestyle needs. This handsome hardware mounted gate is safe for use anywhere in the home to keep your little one safe-especially at the top of stairs.

Pressure mounted safety gates: These are easy to set up and take down. These work well in doorways where there is solid wood construction. But they cannot withstand as much pressure as hardware, wall mounted gates.  Good enough for small stairways, but little supervision is advisable. These are mostly extendable to fit any gap and can be used as a pet safety gate as well.


This pressure mounted safety gate is a good buy for installation in between rooms and small stairways. This is an auto-close walk through door and can be operated with one hand.


Kiddale ready to use metal gate can be installed within minutes without the need to drill any holes in walls. No need of taking the extra effort of calling a carpenter to get a door or gate made to prevent child (or pet) from entering areas like kitchen , balconies, stairs etc.

Few points to remember:

  • If you have gaps between stair banisters or balcony railings that are more than 6.5cm wide, cover them with boards or safety netting. Small babies may be able to squeeze their bodies through, but not their heads.
  • Check for sharp edges and pieces that could cut or hurt a toddler’s hands. If the gate is made from wood, check for splinters.
  • Stop using the gate when the child is about 2 years old.

Also, Child Safety Sliding Lock is the perfect solution for any mom or dad who needs baby proofing locks. They are great buy for fridge, kitchen cabinets, etc.

It’s worth investing a little time and money in making your home as safe as possible for your baby.

We are sure that with these tips, you will be able to purchase a baby gate as per your needs.

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