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Massage Your Baby With These Natural Oils


We all know a gentle massage can do wonders to a baby. In India, the traditional method of “Tel Maalish” has been used for  a long time now. But, sometimes we’re spoilt for choices among the host of natural oils that mother Earth has to offer. Ain’t we? So, watch out our top picks of natural oils for optimum baby nourishment.

The best way to bond with your tiny one – giving him a good massage regularly. Research studies show that massage has tremendous  positive effects on baby’s brain, body and emotional development. A traditional custom to be continued forever, a good massage can benefit both mother and the baby in more ways than one.

The golden mantra is to keep it natural and organic sans any chemicals.

Before trying any oil on your baby’s sensitive skin, it is advisable to do a patch test. Apply a little of that oil on a small area of your baby’s skin, to check for any reaction within 24 hours.

Here we have listed the best massage oils for your baby which will not only make the bones stronger but, also help in overall growth.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is the best baby massage oil, essentially during winters as it has a warming effect on the skin. It’s an age old tradition to massage the baby with mustard oil heated with garlic cloves and fenugreek seeds. Best known for boosting the immune system and relaxing the baby’s body, the combination of garlic and fenugreek is a boon for babies by mother nature.


This non-sticky and 100 per cent natural mustard oil is an absolute delight on baby’s delicate skin.

Almond Oil

Loaded with Vitamin E, almond oil is a must ingredient in various massage oils.  Pure almond oil helps in keeping your baby glowing with smooth skin and hair.


Almond oil is a mild, hypoallergenic oil that can be very safe on baby’s skin. Extremely light in texture and super natural, this almond oil is not only perfect for your baby’s soft skin, but also can be used by adults to lighten those dark circles and removing eye make-up.

Castor Oil

If your baby has extremely dry skin, it is recommended to massage your baby with castor oil. Not only babies, castor oil is quite much in demand among adults, to treat dry and damaged hair.


This Castor oil is specifically for softening dry skin of babies. Massage your baby with this oil once or twice a week for muscle development and smooth, glowing skin.

Coconut Oil

It being the king of oils, coconut oil is the common favorite among all mothers. It is one of the best choices in hot summer and humid climates for its light weight texture, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; making it to be the best choice for baby massage.


A gem in itself, this coconut oil from Max Care is an ideal choice for your baby’s skin. This is absolutely baby-safe for it is 100 per cent natural with added composition of anti-oxidants, lauric and caprylic acids, which are great for improving immunity in babies.

Sesame Oil

Sesame or ‘til’ as popularly known in India, is one of the healthy ingredients in a baby’s massage oil. Sesame oil is easily absorbed, has a lovely texture and is high in vitamins A, B, E and minerals . It is recommended for sensitive skin and is high in linoleic acid imparting it antibacterial properties.


Tired of rocking your baby to sleep? Try this sesame oil exclusively made for babies. Free from any mineral additives, this sesame oil is the ultimate choice to relax and for putting your baby to sound sleep.

Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurvedic oils prove to be the best when comes to faster physical development.


Practised for decades, Dabur Lal Tail has been the most widely used ayurvedic oil in India to improve sleeping pattern and physical growth among babies.

Massage time is a great way to bond with baby. Make sure you make the most of it. Spend a few minutes each day with baby by giving massage.

Apart from any other health benefits, it will help strengthen the lovely bond you will share forever.

Hope this post will help you choose the best baby oil for your baby’s skin. Do share your baby massage stories with us.

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