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Bad Hair Day? No More Moms!


Hair is certainly one of the prettiest features of a woman. But, after child birth hair suddenly starts falling at an alarming rate. Baby care keeps you so busy that your hair care goes for a toss. No, you need not worry much as it is a temporary phase, and too much stress will only add to the woes. Therefore, we bring you some of the amazing quick-fix hacks for lustrous, cascade-like hair. 

A bad hair day is synonymous to bad mood, specially when we have been planning to go out the entire week and now when the time is here, we just don’t have the time to wash our tresses. And the thought of blow drying them is another tangent altogether! So what to do in these testing times? What if I assure you that this situation will be a thing of the past. So buckle your seat belts and be rest assured Mommies! You will never have another bad hair day with these.

Dry Shampoos:  Now though these are easily available in the market but they might just get a little bit heavy on the pocket, and with those rising expenses when we have a child might not allow us to splurge on ourselves. So, here is my favorite tip, cornflour. Yes! You heard it right. The purpose of a dry shampoo is to absorb all the oil from the roots. So, instead rub some cornflour on those oily dirty roots and let it sit for 5 mins. Dust your hair and comb the residue away. Voilà. You are done.


Baby powder: Another amazing product for a quick fix is baby powder. And luckily we have one in our diaper bag. So along with sprinkling some on the diaper, put your hair down and run your fingers smothered in baby powder in your hair from back to front. Then pull them back and brush them. This 10 second tip will help you get through few hours at least.

Baby powder

Cut them short: The easiest way to maintain your hair and sanity is to chop them. Just long enough till the nape of your neck. No hair, no maintenance. Simple.


Bangs: In case you are someone who has put all their heart and soul in nourishing their hair and hate the sight of scissors near them, then bang up your style! Get those cute bangs to cover your forehead. And when in a jiffy just bend over in a shank. Shampoo those bangs while tying the rest of your greasy hair in a bun. You will feel fresh and chic` at the same time. And no one will know your dirty little secret.


Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers might sound a bit odd, but this is a brilliant hack you all would bless me for. Sanitizers have alcohol which are anti-grease. So smother your fingers with these and rub it on your scalp. Your hair would not only look washed, but will definitely smell wonderful too.


These are my bad day salvage tips. And I so hope you all benefit from them. Like, share and follow me for more such mom-friendly, out of the box tips and tricks.

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