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Budget-Friendly Hacks To “Grow-up” Your Kid’s Room


When you design a nursery it is always for you than for your little one. As obviously, they don’t care about what color the paint is or what design the curtain is. But, as your kid grows, she would want her own inputs to be incorporated in the room. Let’s take a look at the ways how we can bring about a change to your baby’s room without breaking the bank.

It’s surprising yet fun to watch your kids sprout quickly. You won’t even realize when your tiny tot outgrows your lap to walking down her own steps.

We as parents always want to bestow our best to our kids in every possible way. However, it’s important to set certain limits to everything. Here we are talking about budget-friendly decoration of your kid’s room. Let’s learn how we can do this.

Invest in a Convertible Furniture: While setting up a nursery for your newborn, invest in a convertible crib, that can be grown into a full-sized bed for your toddler. They are worth all the money spent.


Teamed with a snug-fit mattress, sheet and blanket, this convertible crib works just fine for your toddler’s bedroom. Here, planning a little ahead comes to your rescue.

There are also many versatile pieces of furniture that are multi-functional like convertible chairs that can grow with your child (high chair to study table and chair), changing tables with drawers (can be converted into chest of drawers later), etc.

These are one time investment for long-term use.

Shift Things Around: Shift that dresser closer to the bed, so that it helps him reach his book shelf or turn on the music. Push that book shelf closer to the bed, so he can grab something to read at night. The best way is to involve your kiddo to know where he wants his stuff to be placed. Kids love sharing their ideas. Also, pushing things around is something that won’t cost you anything.

Make More Space Out Of Your Floor: Kids love space as they can play around, read and have fun. Give away those pieces that your kid doesn’t need anymore, like the rocking chairs or swings. Instead, throw in an inexpensive beanbag or comfy rug.


Refresh the walls with decals: Impart an interesting yet dreamy look to your kid’s room with an amazing wall decal. These are affordable yet, have maximum impact in a kid’s room. You don’t have to go for expensive paint sessions. Ask your little one to choose from attractive variety of wall decals on the online stores. Also, we have some great wall decor ideas that can brighten up your kid’s room. Read this article to know more.WhatsApp Image 2017-06-07 at 9.18.34 AM

DIY: These low budget hacks have all the power to wow your kids. Give a personalized touch to your kid’s room with do-it-yourself cards, milestone stickers, etc. Not just kids, anyone entering the room won’t be able to stop gushing about your designing skills.

Before shopping, make a list of your “needs” versus your “wants” .This will ensure that your toddler’s room is equipped with just the must-haves. And, the mantra to transform your little kiddo’s room – “Less is more”!

If you are a new parent and is perplexed of what are just the right essentials to include in your baby’s nursery, read this article.


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