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Build Your Baby’s First Library: 12 Must-Have Books


Reading aloud to your babies is probably the most effective way to inculcate literacy skills in them. But, it’s important to start early on. So how about the idea of building a library? We’re sure the books that you buy for the library are forever. Let’s take a look at some of the books that can help foster reading skills.

We all know the importance of reading. But, how does one inculcate the reading habits early on. Read it here to learn to ease the process.  Babies might not understand what you’re saying or reading to them, but every word you say is helping the baby connect with you and learn from you.

We’ve created this comprehensive list of books to help new parents stock their baby’s first library. Check them out.

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Bill Martin Jr.

This picture book is a classic when your little one is trying to form her first words. Beautifully illustrated and easy on the ears with its rhymes and repetition, this book must find a place in your baby’s first library.


“Corduroy” by Don Freeman

A little bear searches for a lost button and finds a home when he meets a little girl named Lisa. Bright colors and cuddly bears in this book will keep your little one entertained and engaged.


“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown

This book is a great choice for bed time stories. A book that you will love to keep for years to come. Join the little rabbit as he wishes a goodnight to all of the things in his room and world outside the window. Nostalgic, isn’t it?


“Toes, Ears, & Nose!” by Marion Dane Bauer

This “lift-the-flap” adventure can be your baby’s first anatomy book.


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

Your little one is thoroughly going to enjoy this classic piece. He will enjoy poking his fingers in the holes the caterpillar leaves behind in lots of delicious snacks. The book’s stunning mixed-media collages and simple but memorable story have charmed millions of readers over the years. The transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly will amaze you and your tiny one alike.


“Guess How Much I Love You,” by Sam McBratney

This book is not only meant for little ones but also for you parents. A story about a little bunny and his dad as they share symbols of the love they have for each other. With watercolors and sweet sentiments, this is sure to be one of the best baby books for dads and little ones.


“Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch

A sweet, tear-provoking story of the evolving relationship between a boy and his mother. A sentimental favorite, do not attempt to read this without tissues at hand.


“Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann

This clever bedtime tale follows a mischievous gorilla who snatches a zookeeper’s keys and releases all of his animal friends to secretly spend the night at the zookeeper’s house. This picture book with minimal text, would be a favorite among your kids instantly.


“My Big Animal Book” by Roger Priddy

When kids are really young, picture books like this are usually more engaging than stories. As a bonus, it helps cultivate a love for animals.


“Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman

This classic tale follows a baby bird on a quest to find his mother after falling from his nest. He asks a kitten, a hen, a dog, a cow, and an airplane if they are his mother, before eventually being reunited with her, back in the nest.


“Is Your Mama a Llama?” by Deborah Guarino

Introduce baby to new animals with the help of a llama named Lloyd. The easy-to-read rhymes in this book will make for a fun read.


“Peek-a-boo!” by Roberta Grobel Intrater

Close-up photographs of babies’ faces capture their many moods, from laughing to yawning to pouting to crying, in this board book from the “Baby Faces” series. The captivating photos will enchant babies, and parents will be amused seeing the cute expressions of their babies.


Always remember babies grow out of onesies and rompers, but they would never want to outgrow these books, if you create a solid library.

Create a reading routine for your baby at night along with a good massage with natural massage oil, and your little one is sure to end the day feeling loved.

Do share your favorites from the list and how often do you read them to your baby.


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