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Diaper Bags With A Twist!


Multi-purpose diaper bags have revolutionalized daily lives of parents. Whether packing for a day care or a weekend getaway, it is the best travel hack to make getaways easier with babies. So go ahead and grab some of these diaper bags. And, not to mention, travel smart!

As a busy parent, you also need some time off, at least to keep your sanity! But, of course, you would not want to leave your baby back home. Anyone who has had a baby can tell you that babies need TOO many stuff. High-maintenance as they are! *wink*. It’s here that a well-packed diaper bag comes to your rescue during those outdoor breaks.

Pack right and enjoy your travel with your little ones with some of these attractive yet functional and multi-utility diaper bags.

Diaper Bag-cum-Mini Bed.

Perfect for 0-6 months, this diaper bag can be a cosy little nest for your child. Its airflow design reassures that your baby is comfortable on-the-go. He can eat, play and have a secure sleep. The attractive design also makes this to be a big hit among moms.


Diaper Bag-cum-Travel Bed.

Yet another revolutionary diaper bag-cum-travel bed. But, this can be added to your baby’s nursery as a small cot. With 4 large storage compartments with isothermal covers, this bag is an ideal travel companion. Also the side covers prevents your baby from falling off.



Diaper Bags With Stroller Handle.

This is the only stroller bag designed for a double (side-by-side) stroller. Featuring 16 pockets, it fits everything you need, and can be carried by the tote straps or messenger strap. Contrasting lining makes it easy to find every stuff quite easily. In case, you would want to use for a single stroller, hook the bag to the stroller bars or handles.



Diaper Bag-cum-Changing Mat.

This portable and clutch-like diaper bag-cum-travel changing pad is sure to bring a smile on to parents and babies alike. Diaper changing sessions are super easy. Plus, enough pockets to stock keys, mobile or napkins. A perfect choice for your short visits to family or friends in the vicinity.


Diaper Bag-cum-Bottle Warmer.

This diaper bag comes with a temperature maintaining device for two nursing bottles. Whether traveling or going out for shopping, it has enough capacity to contain all your baby’s necessities.


Unisex Diaper Bags.

A stylish diaper bag for both women and men that is as functional as it is fashionable. This Backpack for both Mum and Dad, fits strollers and serves as one of the best diaper bags to go for.


Now you’re aware of the various multi-functional diaper bags. Zero in on one of those that you love and is well-organized.

So please don’t underestimate the importance of a good diaper bag! Stash all diaper bag essentials and forget all worries and just — have fun!

Please share your travel experiences with your babies, in the Comments section below.

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