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Ditch The Diapers! It’s Time For “Potty Training”


Going through tough potty training sessions with your toddler? Yes! It’s yet another challenge for parents when it comes to developmental milestones. Luckily, there are loads of brilliant products these days to help your little one become an expert in no time. Watch out for our comprehensive list of must-have items that will help you and your child ease into this process.

We as parents must understand that each child is unique and will become ready to start the toilet training process at his or her own “right” moment. However, if you’ve decided to start potty training to your toddler, you need to imbibe immense patience to succeed early.

So, ditch the diapers and make sure that you are equipped with all the essential supplies to begin with potty training. Print it and stick it onto the wall, so that you don’t forget anything.

Potty Chair

Whether you get a stand-alone potty chair, or a seat to use on top of your toilet, a potty chair is a MUST when potty training a toddler. Available in a variety of designs including familiar cartoon characters, these chairs can be moved around the house when required.


This potty chair is perfect for potty training classes. Your little kiddo will learn the sanitary habits in no time. Also, the detachable seat cover can be clamped unto the adult toilet seats for easy training. Light in weight, this piece from “R for Rabbit” is an ideal choice for travelling too.

Seat Reducer

Also known as a potty seat, a seat reducer is an inexpensive option when compared to potty chairs. It is mounted on an adult toilet seat to reduce it to a smaller size. Many of these come with various colorful designs and padded cushions for extra comfort.


Armed with handles for easy removal and storage, this potty seat makes it to be a great purchase, especially when comfort and safety of your baby is the first priority.


A stool installed beneath a toilet, will help the child get up onto a potty seat. Apart of safety and stability, these stools help them get the right position for using the bathroom.


This stool is a great buy not only for toddlers but, for entire family. Makes for a great potty training aid, this stool is a healthy choice to “Poop Right”!

Flushable Wipes

Opt for a pack of flushable wipes, that are similar to baby wipes but are safer for plumbing. These wet wipes are softer than toilet tissues and make cleanup sessions faster.


This Bumkins Diaper Liners have the multiple use of flushable wipes. This makes up to be one of the easiest clean up solution.

Kid-Friendly Hand Soap

Teaching good hygiene is an important aspect of potty training. So go for a hand soap for hand wash after the potty act. Keep cartoon character dispensers for fun play while hand washing.


Made of high quality plastic, this frog design dispenser is a good choice when you want your kids to spend more time in the bathroom. Set of 4 bathroom accessories, this would certainly come to your rescue during potty training classes for they’re perfect for diverting little minds.

Pretend Play Toys 

Pretend play goes a long way in teaching normal life activities to children. Go through our article on Pretend Play Toys: Tools for Self-Learning, to understand how these toys work on little minds in more ways than one.


This toy set has been highly recommended by moms who found relief during potty training their kids. Sit the doll on her special potty and hear the silly sounds and giggly phrases as she goes potty; then take a look inside the potty for a surprise! Don’t forget to flush for a realistic sound and more giggly phrases. All the fun of potty time with no mess! Includes sparkly sippy cup and hand sanitizer accessories to extend and complete the play. This Little Mommy Princess and the Potty doll is the perfect potty training toy that every kiddo will absolutely love.

Start with these necessities to prepare for and build your child’s interest in potty training. Patience and perseverance acts here to be the only key to ease the process.

So, Moms, Relax! And, go with the flow.


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