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Ride Your Kids To Wonderland With These Stunning Ride-on Toys


Ride-on toys are wonderful for learning important life skills. These toys range from simple rocking giraffes to motorized vehicles. We exhibit a range of these stunning toys that will impress and delight your kids in a jiffy.

When we were young we didn’t have many options to ride except for a tricycle, a rocking horse or a bicycle. But children today have gobs of ride-on toys to explore. There are numerous brands offering a variety of models.

Ride-ons come in different forms like rocking, battery-operated, push and pedal toys. Each model develops your child’s skills in a unique way. Let’s find out the reasons for having these toys for your toddlers.

  • Rocking Toys will enhance your kid’s balancing skills and activate his tiny muscles when he attempts to rock himself.
  • Battery-operated Toys like cars, bikes and trucks will exhilarate your kids even more as they are a miniature of the everyday vehicles they watch on road. Their fine and gross motor skills are augmented when they independently get into the vehicle, use the steering wheel, horns, accelerator and other accessories.
  • Push Toys are those where children have to use their feet to move around. Balance bikes, scooters and other push ride-ons will require more effort from the kids and immensely activate their leg muscles and balancing skills.
  • Pedal Toys like tricycles and bicycles (with training wheels) require kids to force pedal and drive the cycle. Naturally, cycling is one of the best exercises.

Ride-Ons encourage your child to play outdoors and indulge in physical activity. On the other hand, they foster him to be independent, cultivate confidence, expand creativity, strengthen observation skills and teach space management.

Having understood the benefits of ride-ons, here we talk about certain prime products which your kids will fancy and instantly get fond of.

Rocking Toys

Fisher price offers an all-in-one Rocking Giraffe which is not only a toy but can be a great companion for your kid. This interactive rocker plays music and funny phrases with bright lights as your kiddo keeps rocking. It is made with high-quality plastic and is very sturdy.


Battery Operated Ride-Ons

Babyhug has a good number of battery operated ride-ons. Some of their popular picks are these.

Vintage Classic Car


Quadra Hulk


Tour A Cruiser


They also have My First CarDream Car, Kids Dirt Bike and more. All these vehicles have a magnificent look, good built-in quality and safety measures defined.

Baby Tricycle

Amardeep has come up with this adorable Baby Tricycle which your kid will love at the very first sight. It is designed with good quality equipment, bright color and a fancy cartoon face. It has a push bar to control the speed and steering access during the learning phase.


Balance Bikes

Balance bike is a very innovative concept where the kids can learn to balance a bicycle, totally waiving off the need for trainer wheels. Kids have to push the bicycle with their feet, once they move faster they have to raise their feet and keep it on the foot rest.


This Balance Bike from Brilrider has a simple design with adjustable seat and handle bar. It is lightweight with tubeless tyres and ultra light metal frame. With this, your kid can learn to balance as early as 3-4 yrs of age.

Bicycles with Training Wheels

If you are not a fan of balance bikes and would stick to the typical bicycles with trainer wheels, you should check these top picks from BSA and Hero.



When it comes to foot scooters there are a variety of choices. This is the best when you looking for a two-wheeled scooter. There are some brilliant options online for three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters.


On the whole, Ride-On Toys let your kids work out in an amusing way. So what are you waiting for! Pick the best ones pertinent to your child’s age and watch him grow up more independent, sturdy, exuberant and energetic.

Featured Photo Credit: ecoimports Flickr via Compfight cc


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