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Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Products From Your Kitchen


With the coming of a baby, arrives a variety of physical changes for new moms. Stretch marks being one of them! It can be very frustrating with so many over the counter medicines, lotions and creams that claim to give wondrous results in eradicating stretch marks. But, there are many home remedies that help get rid of those marks in a very less time. Read on to know about these home-made hacks.

Life being a mother is filled with its own rewards. Rewards which only a mother can comprehend, those smiles, hugs, kisses. But there are other gifts too which only a mother can experience, sagging breast, celluloid, stretch marks. And let’s be honest not all of us can afford those surgeries which cost a bomb. So to make up for those, here are my tried and tested tricks from over your kitchen counter to lighten those pride marks around your tummy, thighs and breasts.

Lemon: Yes, a simple lemon. Just cut it into half, and rub it over your marks. Let it sit for 15-20 mins. And wash it off with water. In less than a month you’ll notice the difference.


Potato: Grate these natural bleaching agents and squeeze its juice. Apply it evenly around areas which are affected with marks. In two weeks you’ll see that the angry red colour of your stretch marks starts mellowing down.


Sugar: Even this has some excellent bleaching properties. All you need to do is mix a spoonful of sugar with half a spoon of almond oil and half a spoon of lemon juice. Mix it well. Scrub the areas where the stretch marks are most prominent for around 2 mins and let it sit for 10 mins. Clean the area with cold water. If used regularly you will see visible results in around 2-3 weeks.


Aloe vera: Luckily these can be easily grown in a small pot in our kitchens. These multi functional plants are a boon for skin, hair and digestive system. For our stretch marks, just cut a small  piece of aloe vera, slit it open and rub it around your abdomen. Wash it off after 15 mins. The skin will start feeling hydrated and the marks will start fading soon.


Coconut oil: This humble oil has so many uses that often we take away its credit. From being an excellent cooking oil, to the best diaper rash oil, coconut oil is a great product. Even for stretch marks, massage the area where your marks are most visible each night before sleeping everyday. Eventually you’ll see a drastic change in your skin and the marks.


Apart from these natural remedies, there are some real good creams in the market available today. This cream from Palmer’s is a boon to new moms.¬†The rich cream concentrate helps improve elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin both during and after pregnancy. No harm in keeping a cream like Palmer’s handy that can give you instant remarkable results.


Everyone has a right to feel pretty. And stretch marks can take that away from you. Stretch marks may make you feel uneasy, but remember, you are a mother, and these are your medals. Don’t let anything take the feeling of pride of being a mom away from you.

And if these tips and tricks made you feel a bit better, do share your story with us.


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