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Habits Can Make Or Break Your Kids


We first make our habits and then our habits make us. Habits have an incredible influence on one’s personality. To establish a strong foundation for your child’s propitious future, it is essential to inculcate good habits at a very young age. Here we will put forward 3 much fruitful and optimistic habits which will aid your kids to emerge as a champ.

Experts stratify habits in multiple ways. One such classification is this – Physical Habits, Cognitive Habits and Character Oriented Habits. Let’s explore each of them in detail. Also, we will be projecting one valuable habit from each category that will benefit your child.

Physical Habits

Physical habits include motor habits like sitting or standing or running or walking postures, eating habits which will impact your body, workouts which will scale up your physique, sleep patterns, brushing habits and basically every routine that will affect your body.

Helpful Habit 1: Daily Workouts

This is one of the best physical habits you can inhibit in your child to develop a firm and robust body with a fresh mind. Workouts can be of any form like doing exercise, yoga, running, dancercise, gymnastics, playing a consistent sport or any kind of physical training.

In this era of gadgets and digitization, it is very hard to pull kids outdoor and make them play. This article will help you learn how to keep children away from this digital world.

So teach the importance of daily workouts to your kids. Motivate them to pursue this vital habit which will keep them fit and healthy throughout their life.

Cognitive Habits

These habits will set your mind in motion and boost your rational, analytical, logical, psychological and other intellectual abilities. The development of a child’s brain is the base for all his behavioral and learning skills. Hence, it is imperative to keep your child’s mind active with a regular cognitive habit. Through such habits, you can refine their social skills, concentration, focus, reasoning, decision making abilities.

Helpful Habit 2: Reading

Reading is not only a hobby to relish but a constructive habit which presents numerous benefits. When children read on a habitual basis, they absorb new things, become creative, explore with curiosity and learn how to keep calm or relax their mind.

Reading improves their vocabulary, stimulates their brain function, reduces stress, activates critical thinking and enhances their memory. Inspire your child to read a book or at the least, a chapter of a book every day. If he is still young, make sure you read to him daily.

One of the best ways to stimulate reading is to set a mini library for your kid and flooding it up with many amusing and good reads. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to inculcate this fertile habit on to your kid.

Character-oriented Habits

Habits turn into character. A child brought up with character oriented habits turns out to be a perfect gentleman. Here is an intriguing article about Raising a Gentleman that you may not want to miss.

Sharing, patience, gratitude, helping tendency, being responsible, generous, kind, grateful, appreciative are some of the beneficial habits you can teach your child.

Helpful Habit 3: Being Independent

There is no joy equal to pampering our kids and attending to their needs irrespective of their maturity and ability to do the same. Today as most of us parents have a single child, kids are getting over pampered. But, this is disastrous. It is only later in our child’s life that we realize how dependent he has become and he struggles to handle even the very simplest of tasks.

Bringing up the sense of self-reliance at a much younger age will be the best gift that you can give your child. You can achieve this by letting your child do some fundamental everyday tasks pertaining to their age.

To quote a few, let him choose his clothes and dress up on his own, stop feeding and let him eat, let him clean up his toys, let him help you in cooking and laundry.

All he will need from you is enormous patience, a relaxed mind to help him get better each day. You will watch your kid enjoy a sense of achievement and start believing in himself. Your little champ will be ready to take over the world all alone.

Motivation gets you going and habits get you there. So sow these valuable habits in your kids and they will reap the benefits in future.

What other habits have you encouraged in your kids that are helpful? Please share in the comments section. We will be glad to hear from you.


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