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High Chairs For The Royal Highness Of Your House


Is it about time that you should introduce solids to your little one? A highchair can be of great help! It not only gives your child a safe place to experiment with different tastes and textures, it also makes it easy to clean up afterward. Get rid of your baby feeding hassles by having one of the high chairs listed by us and make your child’s feeding experience safe and enjoyable.

Starting solids with your little one can be really frustrating. But, with the right tools and some amount of preparation, you can ease the process. One of those tools is a highchair which is a baby gear essential. They help in practicing fine motor skills and exploration of various foods.

Choose from a wide variety of styles one that’s sturdy and easy to clean. As they are mostly used until age 2 to 3,  it needs to be durable enough to withstand several years of daily use.

But, not all high chairs available are created equal. The perfect high chair for you and your baby will depend many different factors including your budget, lifestyle and the amount of space you have in your home. We have created the most comprehensive list of high chairs for you to decide which one is the best suited for your needs.

Traditional High Chairs

Also known as “standard highchair”, these models haven’t changed a lot over the generations. They come with one height position. They may offer a fold up version and/or detachable trays. It tends to be cheap. But, when it comes to safety, these high chairs are a good option due to their wider base.


Modern High Chairs

Also known as “multi-functional high chairs”, these can be adjusted to suit your baby’s comfort.

Whether you are sitting down watching TV or at the dinner table, you can get yourself and your baby in a comfortable position. The price of such models will be on a higher side, but it’s worth the money spent.

This high chair from Baybee, has been highly recommended by moms of solid feeding babies. Adjustable to 7 different heights, the three-position recline accommodates even the youngest eaters.


Space Saver High Chairs

A space saver high chair will allow you to create a high chair out of any old chair lying around the house. Simply place the booster chair on top of your regular chair and your baby is ready to be seated for meal time. It is easy to clean and store away.

With 3 different height position, this booster seat from Chicco is a must have for you baby. Padded seat and detachable tray, makes this a great choice for your travel feeding hassles.


Convertible High Chairs

The convertible high chairs are also called “3-in-1” or “4-in-1”. Once your child grows, a high chair will be of little to no use to you. Here, the convertible High Chair comes into the picture. It is essentially 3 or more pieces of furniture squashed together into a high chair.

Convertible to study table and chair, this high chair would definitely be a long-term purchase. Remains stable in any condition, and comes with a suitable posture angle to make child sit comfortably. This certainly is a go for high chair to inculcate good dining habits and studying once your child outgrows a high chair.


Travel High Chair

Also known as “portable highchairs”, these are a convenient option for a holiday, get together and for restaurants that may or may not have highchairs available. These are lightweight and foldable.


Fabric High Chairs

Fabric high chairs are perfect for feeding your baby while you travel. Simply slide the fabric over a regular dining chair, clip your baby in and you are good to go.

Made from polyester cloth, this fabric high chair can be machine washed.  Since, this style of high chair does not come with a tray you will likely need to wash the chair after each meal. As you can imagine, this will not replace your day to day high chair you use at home. This can be conveniently put into your diaper bag for travel purposes.


The main selling feature behind highchairs aside from their versatility is the fact that they are essential to your infant’s growing needs. It’s why they have been around for so long from one generation to another.

The highchair is the cornerstone of your child’s emerging independence. So, go ahead and buy one for your and baby’s comfort.


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