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Idle Parenting: Blessing In Disguise


Sometimes, we try to be so protective about our kids that we  forget over parenting may result in low self-confidence in our kids. So, why can’t we just let our children be and allow them to explore their own thoughts. Let’s learn how we can do this.

Kids today have a tough time enjoying their own company. So, when they have a free time they opt to plug into computers, television or video games. Result? Adverse impact on their brains, their motor skills, language skills and especially eyesight.

As responsible parents we can always adopt an easier and cheaper option – “Leaving them alone”. This way we are making our kids’ lives more enjoyable and helping them to be self-sufficient as they grow. This is what we call “idle parenting”.

Here are a few solo ideas of activities that will keep your kids engaged.

Introducing Books and Magazines: The greatest solo activity for a kid is a good book. So encourage your child to read books. There are fabulous list of books online. Also, it’s a great idea to sign your kid for magazine or other subscriptions like National Geographic Little Kids.


National Geographic Little Kids is designed to set young children on the path to becoming curious, creative, caring, confident individuals. There are many such magazines meant for the age group of 2 to 6 years, which not only makes parents’ jobs easier but is also instrumental in boosting creativity and developing fine motor skills amongst kids.

Starting a hobby: The idea is to support your child’s interests and abilities and the one that he can do alone”. Drawing, photography, cooking, gardening, coin or stamp collecting are some of the hobbies we can encourage our kids to take up.


Engaging them with coloring books is an excellent gift for your growing kids to let them learn with fun. Let your child’s imagination run wild and let them enjoy hours of pretend play with cooking or gardening kits. These activity toys acts as a great way to encourage creative and pretend play and motor skill development.

Embracing the Outdoors: It’s a sad truth that kids these days are “nature and play deprived”. Outdoor free play is crucial for our kids’ social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Even if these sounds simple enough, kids need a push to get out of the door. Give your kid a bag and tell him to go collect bugs, leaves, flowers, rocks, etc.


You can also provide a kite building kit like Gifts Set of Small Colourful Kites or, keep a basket filled with fun things that keep kids entertained like bubble blowers, rubber balls and sidewalk chalk, etc. Playing with these can be a wonderful relaxer for your little ones. So, open the door – show your child the great outdoors!


Use of Boxes: Cardboard box has been proved to be the best toy ever as it is a glorious substance for creativity. They are not only free, but can provide hours of creative play. Give your kids marking pens and masking tape and they can make forts, villages, castles, garages, etc. This is so much fun and exactly what the kids need.

Boredom boxes: Look around your house for recyclable items and put them into boxes may be put a few objects that might go together. Now, when your child says, “I’m bored”, just point to a box. The best thing is it doesn’t cost you much, takes you five minutes to put the objects together and keeps your kid occupied for hours.


Or, simply you can buy The Boredom Box: 500 Fantastic Activities for Fun Kids which has endless possibilities to be creative and get your kids involved.

Try sticking to a realistic plan that works for your family. Whenever, your kids say “I’m bored!” tell them you have the perfect solution. Ask him / her to do at least one task from the list of the slated household chores.

Little bit of more play and  less of supervision would produce stress-free, happier and self-reliant children, which would last a lifetime!

Don’t you think ‘Idle Parenting’ is a blessing for both us and our kids, in disguise? Share your thoughts on the same in the Comments section below.


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