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Is Your Baby Ready For Solids? 4 Things To Know


A baby “starting with solids” is one of the biggest milestones in his first year. It’s a challenge on the part of parents to know when the baby is ready for this big transition. Let’s learn how to make out when your baby is solid-ready.

We all know that nothing is better than breast milk till 6 months. It’s only after 6 months that we should start thinking of introducing solid food to his routine.

The development of a baby’s digestive system is something we cannot readily make out. Experts say that 6-8 months is ideal to start with solids. But, we must not forget that all babies are different. So have patience if your baby does not accept solid foods when you want him to. Wait for some more time!

Whatever be the age, it’s always a good idea to discuss your plan with your paediatrician, before you start solids with your baby.

Now let’s understand what are the developmental signs to understand that your baby is all ready for solids.

  • Sitting without support: When you observe that your baby is able to sit in an upright position without any support for his body or head, probably it’s time to introduce solids into his meal routine.
  • Curious about food. Baby is curious and eager to be a part of your mealtime and tries to grab any food that you offer him.
  • Gaining Weight. When you observe that your baby has gained weight considerably, like doubled his birth weight.
  • Losing the “extrusion reflex”. A baby’s mouth and tongue develop with his digestive system. When you see that your baby is able to swallow the food, instead of pushing out of the mouth, it is known as losing the “extrusion reflex” or “tongue-thrust” reflex. This is the time that you should start thinking of introducing solids to your baby’s diet.

Also, do not forget to breastfeed simultaneously till the baby is a year old, for that extra nutrition.

You’re the best judge of when it’s time for both you and your little one to decide the time for weaning. You don’t have to set a deadline and just go with the flow.

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Make sure you look at all the signs of solids readiness as a whole, before taking the plunge. *wink*


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