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Know Your Parenting Style!


Parenting is a different ball game altogether. It might seem easy as a pie to outsiders, bit only a man and a woman together raising a child, can truly tell you that it is not that easy to hack. And over the time as our child grows up we tend to immolate certain qualities which are subjective to our parenting style.

The way we communicate with our kids, to the kind of incentives used and even different forms of punishment become peculiar to us as a set of parents. But, which technique is the best? Because in the end this is what each parent wants – “best for their child”. So, I tried to dig deep into this topic and found out that even psychologists have categorized parenting into 4 types. So, here I am simplifying these prototypes for all the parents to learn from and alter their parenting techniques, if required.


Movie reference: Udaan

Now this is an extremist kind of parenting. Here the rules are set and strict with no room for conversation or discussion. All the goals regarding discipline, academics, sports are pre-decided by parents and if the child decidesĀ  to budge, the punishment can be grueling and unexplained. Basically, parents who have not been able to achieve a particular goal in their lives turn up to be such kind of parents, where they want the best for their child, but unknowingly do the complete opposite. For example, this kind of parent won’t allow to make changes in bedtime even during holidays because rules are the priority. Kids brought up like this are usually shy and cannot express themselves. Often they fail to be good decision makers because they have never experienced decision-making episodes.


Movie reference: Waqt, till the parents realize their mistake.

This type is completely opposite of Authoritarian style. Here, room for love and communication is abundant. Children get what they want and there is no space for rules. These type of parents usually spoil their kids rotten. Usually parents who come from an authoritarian set of family or who have seen extreme poverty take to this extreme kind in order to shelter the child. Here freedom and money knows no bounds and answerability is zero. The parents are more like friends and respect quotient is very low. Kids from such family are most vulnerable to drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse.


Movie reference: Dum Maaro Dum

This is a depressing state of affair where parents are absolutely not concerned about the child’s existence. Even better when parents think that buying gifts and toys and keeping maids and drivers will suffice to what the child needs. This case usually exists in families where parents are too busy in their social aspects of life and the moral responsibility towards the child seems zero. Here money is the main hero. Rest everything follows.

On the flip side, this is even prevalent in marginalized families where bearing children is just a form of having more helpers and raising them well is not a concern.


Movie reference: Nil Battey Sanatta

This kind of parenting is a perfect blend of all of the above. Here the parents let the kids make decisions, communicate their thoughts, follow their instincts, but they also stand behind the child to correct him when wrong and support him when things go wrong. The respect is never compromised on the pretext of being friends. No decision is forced upon the child, yet if the child seems to be crossing lines there is a firm no and even punishment involved.

Each parent is different and so is each child and no family can be stereotyped. So you could be just one of the above or an amalgamation of all.

Do share your style of parenting below in the comments.


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