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Make Bath Time A Fun Time


Bath time can become real fun, relaxing and sensory overload for both the baby and parents. You just need to do a little bit of planning and there you go!

Though bath time can be initially bit tricky, but once you both get your sea legs, it can be a great way to bond.

Bathing baby varies with different ages. Proper selection of age-relevant toys, water games, products for baby’s delicate skin, will ensure they have a fun yet a safe bath time.

Here we’ve listed some of the products and activities that can add to the fun quotient.

Tub / Bath seat: Selection of an anti-slip bath seat will go a long way if you wish to have a great bath time with your little one. You can try this compact-size, soft curved bath seat for all that fun during shower time.


Bath Toys: With a variety of bath toys in the market, choose the ones that can help your baby develop motor skills. Rubber ducks and other water-loving creatures like fish, tortoise encourage imaginary play; plastic cups teach your child about filling and pouring; and letters and numbers that stick to tub tiles introduce her to ABCs and 123s.

One such bath toy is chu chu bath toy set of water-loving creatures that can fit into the little hands and engage babies like never before.


Bubble Blowers: The best place to pop bubbles? Probably in the bathrooms! *wink* Your baby will love watching the bubbles float in the air and then try popping them up with her fingers. Try for a battery-powered bubble blower for your tiny one. We’re sure the thousands of bubbles wiggling out of it will wow her.

Your child will be bubbling over with excitement with Munchkin’s new Bubble Blower Bath Toy. This is great for use in or out of the tub. Let the fun begin!


Bathtub Finger Paints: Let your toddler try her hand at finger painting by giving her bathtub finger paints. She’ll be able to decorate the tiles and tub to her heart’s content, which will encourage her creativity and boost her fine-motor skills.

Try this and help your kids create their own masterpieces on tile or tub walls. Not to worry! Everything washes off quickly with water. Contains 45 fragrance-free bathtub colors in a reusable container. Tablets dissolve quickly, changing the water to bright Crayola colors. So, what’s stopping you? Grab a pack now!


Bubble Bath: Sing along while you soap or shampoo your baby. Add a song and some silly sounds and you’ve got yourself a bath-time hit. Don’t be shy! Your baby will love it, and you’ll expand her music and language skills.

In all this, what is important is to use good quality, natural products for your baby’s delicate skin. This Bubble Bath from Mee Mee is an instant hit for its fragrance and natural ingredients.


Spin a Tale: Once your child turns into a preschooler, you may need more elaborate ways to turn bath time into an adventure. Preschoolers love pretending, so indulge her creative side with some pretend play.

Apart from these products and tricks, invest in a good anti-slip mat and tap cover to add to the safety quotient.

All said that, equip your bathroom with safety must-haves. What are those safety requisites? Learn it here.

Most importantly bond with your baby and have an amazing time creating memories to last a lifetime!


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