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Just The Right Nursery Essentials


Should I get a bassinet for my newborn in addition to the crib? Where should the changing table go? We’re sure plenty of such questions keep cropping up to new parents and parents-to-be. So, here we are! To help you figure out what’s essential and what’s just nice-to-have for your nursery. Shop smart!

It being one of the first significant steps to parenting, a beautifully done nursery would probably be the best welcome gift ever for your baby. Rooms exclusively made for babies are not only meant for a restful place, but essentially a bathroom, a storage room, a dining room and, a playroom, all put together.

In India, nursery is still a new concept. However, with a little bit of planning and research, you can set a happy, safe and well-organized nursery, without burning a big hole in your pockets. Also, you can grow-up this nursery into an amazing toddler’s room with these budget-friendly hacks.

Assemble our top picks for your nursery, keeping in mind the functionality and most importantly – safety.

A Sleeping Space: Perplexed by the wide range of bassinets, cots, cribs and co-sleepers? Whatever be your choice, make sure to place that away from the door to avoid risking a wake up. Coming to the perfect sleeping space for your little one, we suggest you to go for a Convertible Crib as it is a long-term purchase.

Bassinets are a good choice as well but, outgrows once a baby is 6 months. So, going for a convertible crib is a wiser option.


This 5-in-1 convertible crib is an absolute delight and worth all the money spent. This can be changed from an infant to a toddler bed and even a full-sized bed eventually. Also can be converted into a co-sleeper, detaching the sidebar. Teamed with a snug-fit mattress, sheet, blanket and bumpers, this crib from Dream On Me is a dream buy for your bonny baby.

A Changing Pad and Diaper Caddy: There is simply no point in going for an expensive changing table. Instead, a functional changing pad is enough for diaper time. Also, keep a portable diaper caddy for easy access to diapers and wipes. Not to forget, all these to be located near the closet.


Waterproof, non-toxic, stain-resistant and easy to wash, this 4-sided changing pad is an ideal choice for those messy diaper sessions. With a non-skid bottom and a security strap , this pad prevents sliding while changing baby.

Rockers / Playmats: Babies love sitting on rockers and playmats, playing with hanging toys and listening to soothing music, subsequently rocking  into deep sleep.


This portable rocker is the most appropriate for the newborns to 4 year olds. Extendable frame helps in repositioning the seat for toddlers. Musical toys and calming vibrations in the rocker, ensure a great playtime.

Sound Machine: Install a White Noise sound maker as the sounds are said to be the womb sounds. The constant sounds of white noise, helps baby stay asleep for longer.

Untitled4 If you’re looking for the best sound machine, go for this portable one with remote-control.  Known to block out the noise of everyday life like TV, doorbells, etc., this is a perfect choice for both adult and baby’s sleep.

Rattles or Musical Toys: Throw in some rattles and music toys unto your baby’s play mat for great playtime and for development of sensory skills.


From a trusted brand like Mee Mee, this rattle set is a perfect gift for keeping your baby entertained for hours.

Curtains: If you have a space constraint or wish to share your room with your baby, you can add in see-through curtains to always have an eye on that side of the kid’s corner.


These curtains are a great buy for room-dividers and also imparts a fresh and classy look to your existing decor.

All said – a nursery must be the perfect mix of ‘practical’ and ‘cool’. It is important to understand what really is essential and what is complete waste of money. Stock up these 6 newborn essentials along with the above requisites, and you are all set to welcome your most awaited arrival with a bang.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below!


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