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Make Your Kids Monsoon-proof This Season!


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Monsoon! With the thought of it come beautiful childhood memories of playing in the rain, floating the paper boats, splashing the water around and having fun in the wet lands. While rainy season is something to look forward to, this can be rather a harmful time for your kids. During rains we often do not let our children move out and play with the fear of them contracting diseases. Let’s not restrict our kids from creating their own monsoon memories. But how can we do this? Don’t worry! We’ve put together some useful information to keep them safe and comfortable while they enjoy the rains. 

Magic of Monsoon

Monsoon is considered to be almost everyone’s favorite season for the respite that it brings, after the scorching summers. The soothing and fresh climate, mesmerizing greenery, calm atmosphere, dew drops and drizzling sounds throughout the day, is certainly enjoyable by adults and kids alike.  3

Threats That The Rain God Brings Along With It

Known to be the “season of allergies”, monsoon is also about flood, water contamination, developing infections, cold and fever, and many more diseases. This is definitely alarming to kids as they have a developing immunity. We need to be extremely cautious and should provide an extra dose of care to our children.

With the emergence of extensive industrialization, rain water today contains pollutants and harmful chemicals that can damage buildings, flora and fauna, let alone your baby’s delicate skin and hair!

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and is vulnerable to skin problems especially during the rainy season.  If these problems aren’t checked in time, they can get worse.  Most experts agree that during the monsoon, fungal infections are more common and potent than at any other time of the year due to the hot and humid climate.

pH 5.5: Protective Skin Barrier

A baby’s skin pH is about 5.5, a little on the acidic side. This thin acidic film is known as the “acid mantle” and serves to block the entry of harmful bacteria and other environmental harmful things into the body.

When baby is born, skin pH is 7. The acid mantle takes a time frame of few weeks to 3 months to develop, i.e., the pH of the skin then becomes 5.5. If the skin loses its ideal layer of 5.5, it can lead to skin dryness / redness / rashes and over a period of time can also lead to eczema and other skin diseases.

Every time the rain hits baby’s skin, it washes off this protective layer of the skin.

pH level is essentially a measure of acidity. The pH scale ranges from 0 -14. In the scale the reading `7′ denotes the neutral point. A substance can be rated acidic or basic depending on its pH value. It will be rated as acidic if it has a pH of ‘less than 7’ and basic if it is ‘greater than 7’. In short:

ParameterpH Level
Ideal pH Level5.5
pH Level At The Time of Birth7

What Experts Have To Say?

Dr. Meha Mhatre, Tressez Trichology & Advanced Skincare Centre says:

“Rain water doesn’t cure any skin rashes, prickly heat or other conditions. Rain water may cause skin eruptions and other problems as it is sticky and dirty. Increase in humidity may heighten the chances of infection.

Follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to avoid breakouts. Do not forget to apply sunscreen even if the sun isn’t shining. Try and get the water resistant variant of sunscreen so that it is not washed off with sweat and rain water.” 

Ultimate Solution to Keep Your Baby Safe This Monsoon

Sebamed products! Yes, Sebamed products are life-savers when it comes to monsoon skin care needs.

Sebamed, German company and a pioneer in skincare products, has the perfect products to keep your baby’s skin safe this monsoon season. With products manufactured only in Germany and imported into 70 countries around the world, Sebamed products provide the same consistency and trust, irrespective of whichever country you are buying those in.

With a heritage of skin care products over the years, it’s the only company worldwide that represents medicinal skin care with a “pH value 5.5 of healthy skin”.

Let’s have a look at their exclusive monsoon range of skin products for babies:

Baby Wash

In rains your baby needs a liquid cleanser which will gently remove the dirt and toxins when he plays in the rains and keeps the skin healthy and protects from bacteria entry. Sebamed baby wash is the best solution. Sebamed baby wash with pH 5.5 keeps germs and toxins at bay, gently cleanses your baby’s skin and hydrates it with botanical oils to keep it soft and supple. This baby wash can be used from head to toe and is free from irritants too.

Baby Wash 

Baby Cleansing Bar 

The best choice for your baby’s first bath, Sebamed baby cleansing bar is mild and gentle soap-free bar for your baby’s skin. Traditional soaps have a pH greater than 9 and can strip off the skin’s protective barrier and natural oils. 100% alkali-free, this cleansing bar will provide complete cleansing to your baby’s tender skin without drying out, thanks to its pH value of 5.5. This is perfect for regular use during monsoon for its anti-bacterial properties and natural oils.

Cleansing bar

Diaper Rash Cream 

During rains, damage to the external protective layer of the skin leads to rashes. Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream helps to repair the damaged skin because of pH 5.5. It further forms a protective layer which prevents entry of new bacteria, allowing it to heal faster. 35% natural oils helps to hydrate the skin and 4% panthenol helps to heal the rashes.

Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Lotion

Your baby needs protection all day long during rains as the chances of infection are very high. Sebamed baby lotion contains pH 5.5 to protect your baby’s skin from bacterial entry. 7% lipids keeps your baby’s skin hydrated. Non sticky formulation ensures ease of application and botanical fragrance keeps your baby smelling sweet all day long.


All said, we know what’s running in your minds now – It is slightly on the expensive side compared to some other products in the market, Right? Let’s not ignore the fact that you are paying for the unmatched quality, trust of millions of parents worldwide and promise of Sebamed – to ensure that your baby’s skin is absolutely protected.

We’re sure your kids won’t complain of rashes or skin-infections this monsoon with the use of these incredible products.

If you want to try out the products, download the BabyOnBoard app for free trial samples.

So, don’t stop your kids from playing in the rains and “experiencing” monsoon this season. Let them get soaked, have fun and make memories for a lifetime!


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