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One-stop Guide to Organic Baby Formula Foods


Are you a first time mom and all set to start formula feeding to your baby? But, subjected to all kinds of contradictory nutrition advise from all corners of the universe! Right? We’re sure you are quite perplexed about the perfect choice to be made. Today, we’ll talk about organic formula that will provide your baby with the much required healthiest start.

We all know that breast milk is the best for baby. But, exclusively nursing is simply not possible for so many moms. The reasons can be many – inadequate milk supply, no time to pump breast milk if they are working, etc. Whatever may be the reason, all moms want to give their babies the very best nourishment.

Here comes feeding formula to your baby. When you’re looking for the best formula for your baby, or want to supplement your breast milk, there are some good range of formula foods with feel-good ingredients. But, looking at healthier choices, organic foods come into our minds, as they are close to breast milk and free from pesticides. If not the best, they are definitely a far healthier choice than conventional formula.

Easy to digest and gentle on baby’s delicate tummy, we provide a pure and complete organic list – because our babies deserve nothing but, the BEST!


Absolutely organic and made in India, this certainly is a go-to product if your baby is resisting formula food. All its baby products are naturally sweetened with fruits – quite obvious it tastes great. They have a nutritious bunch of products for weaning baby, tots, pregnant mothers, and for the entire family as well.

Pure, unadulterated and 100% Organic ingredients.


Lovely! Isn’t it? Visit mylittlemoppet.com to also learn more about various healthy recipes, free e-books and food charts.

Pristine Organics 1st Bites Range

Recommended by doctor moms, this organic formula surely is one of the best in the market. Awesome taste yet healthy too, Pristine organics is a bang on organic choice when it comes to formula food for your babies.  There are varieties to it – Wheat and Mixed Vegetables, and Ragi and Mixed Fruits


  • Made from organically grown grains that is wholesome
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • Contains essential micronutrients that is vital for your child
  • Made with organic, enriched with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Holle Organic Infant Formula

Holle Organic Formula 1 Baby Milk is simply the healthiest, most natural formula baby milk you can buy.  It is produced from 99% organic ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. Holle only sources from local farms, where each farm raises its cows in a natural, caring environment where they are free to graze in organic fields cultivated in tune with nature and completely without chemicals. This choice for your baby is unbeatable.


Formula 1 is bit on a more expensive side, but is 100% free from gluten, wheat, soya, added sugar, fish oil, meat products and has no added fluoride. It’s easy for your baby to digest – and it tastes great too.

So what more you can ask for! Grab this for the best nutrition for your growing baby.

To add to this list, if you are looking for the perfect organic milk for your baby, Hipps Organic would meet your preferences for sure. It has milk suitable for every age so you can be sure to give your little one the right nutrition at the right time – right from infants to growing up kids.

We know Formula-feeding isn’t easy! Learn about some of the tricks to start formula to your weaning babies, here.

Set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating for your babies, through these organic foods!


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