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Pretend Play Toys: Tools for Self-Learning


Have you ever watched your child pick up a stone and pretend it is a zooming car or, playing dolls, pretending to be a fireman, or having a tea party? Our children learn by imagining and doing. Yes! We are talking about “Pretend Play”. 

Living with a preschooler can be like riding an emotional roller coaster. The golden mantra to let your children vent out their emotions – “Leave them Alone”. But of course, with the right tools and toys. This would not only help produce happy, self-sufficient children, but, also help creating their own lives without depending on a Mummy substitute.

Explore your child’s imagination and thoughts with these fresh and fun pretend play toys, that would help build skills much beyond your imagination.

Veterinary Doctor Kit

You would be amazed at how these kits can keep your little ones entertained for long. These kits help children learn how to love animals and to be kind to them. Throw together some stuffed toys with this kit. In no time, you’ll watch your kids role playing a young Veterinary doctor, taking temperatures, giving shots, and applying bandages to their stuffed babies.

This role play kit, highly recommended by moms of toddlers, comes with a Veterinary Uniform, Cap, Four Instruments and a Stethescope. Also, the best part – it confirms the EN-71 Standards of toy safety.

Age: 3 to 8 years old


Gardening Kit

Gardening is a wonderful way to practice fine motor skills. Gift your munchkins with gardening kits and you’ll be thrilled to watch them pretend watering plants and, fixing leaves and flowers. The feeling–priceless!

Banggood Gardening Kit is also a useful kit if your kid finds gardening as his favorite pretend play.

Age: 3 to 8 years 


Kitchen Set

Pretend playing in kitchen help kids learn how to share, to work in teams, to keep things organized, to be in charge, to take care of things, to identify different objects, to count and many more. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with a set of kitchen tools.

One such great set for hours of imaginative play is Funskool Kitchen Set, with spoons, knives and plates to serve your dishes.

There are also many kitchen play sets available these days, that are battery operated along with light and sound features.

Age: 3 to 6 years


Encouraging your children to unveil their imagination and creative juices, is the best thing that you can do. It’s not just fun, but builds learning skills too!

Pretend play is a sign that your toddler has made an important developmental leap. Encourage them, enjoy with them and have a great playtime!


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