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Raising A Gentleman – Need Of The Hour!


Do you want your little son to behave more like a gentleman? But, feel powerless when you try making that happen. Parents, take note! You’re not alone. Most parents of sons today face the problem of disrespectful kids. Follow our guide and try to inculcate these traits to raise a respectful, responsible, kind and confident young man.

The biggest challenge parents of a son face today is how to raise him well. How to teach him that, “Manliness” is not about physical strength . It’s about the strength of your mind, your soul. Being a man surely just doesn’t mean how to be a husband or father. Anyone can be those. But you need to learn to be a “Soulmate” and a “Daddy”. That’s where the upbringing would reflect.

So, here are few tips and tricks to help you raise a gentleman.

Let them Express: Never ever teach your son that expressing his happiness, sadness, excitement or anger will make him appear weak. The biggest challenge we face today is, we don’t let our boys cry. We constantly feed them with the idea that crying is for girls. Which is wrong! These boys with so much emotions bottled up in them, grow up to be frustrated humans who don’t know how to vent out their feelings.

Teach them to be Happy:  No matter how much as a parent we wish to bring the sky to their feet, all we wish for them is to “stay happy”. For all the comforts can be bought,but not happiness. It comes from being compassionate and finding joy in simplest of things in life.  On the whole, material gains can give momentary satisfaction, but what gives your baby real happiness needs to be understood.

Respect everyone: Let’s teach our sons that  a “gentleman” is the one who respects a man or a woman, a child or someone old, someone financially below or above him. He should be fundamentally strong with the idea that those who know how to respect others have a fulfilling life.

Trust: Let’s teach our sons to be a man that a friend or a woman can trust. Like, someone that a friend can ask to drop her back home at 2 in the night without being afraid.

Love and Compassion: A gentleman is the one whom his son and daughter, nephew and nieces adore alike. He is someone his grandparents can talk to at wee hours and not worry that he might be getting bored. We should educate our sons to be someone who stand up for their friends too.

A family man: To raise a gentleman, we need to teach our sons that all family members matter, apart from just parents. Parents can read this article to learn about books that can help them understand their children better and their parenting styles.

Raising a man is easy, but by raising a  gentleman parents leave an asset for the society. Because after they leave he is all that’s gonna be left of them in this world.

To inculcate these qualities and emotions in your sons, some forms of imaginative plays help to a large extent. Read this article for more insight.

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