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Record Your Baby’s First Year Milestones In Amazing Ways!


If you are a new parent, it’s obvious that you are all excited to experience a fun-filled journey with your newborn.  Kids grow up so fast that their each milestone gets a little blurry with time. But, would you ever want to forget those special firsts? No, you wouldn’t! So, here we discuss some of the best and amazing ways to record each and every developmental leap of your baby.

It’s natural on the part of new parents wanting to record their baby’s each and every milestone, so that they can liven up those memories later on in life. Documenting and recording each and every first isn’t difficult anymore, especially with the advent of baby milestone cards, stickers and keepsake books.

Since, we have discussed about the best of keepsake books, let’s learn about three other awesome ways to document the first, busy and adventurous twelve months of your baby. We’re sure your grown up will thank you, flipping through those milestone journals later on in life.

First Year Keepsake Calendar

Baby Milestone Calendars are special and easy way to track baby’s milestones.

This keepsake calendar would help you celebrate the smallest of milestones achieved by your tiny one. Very cute in design, this calendar is surely a timeless treasured keepsake.

keepsake calendars

Baby Milestone Stickers

Never let precious memories with your babies slip, rather preserve it with utmost care and love. What better option than Milestone stickers!

Baby Milestone Stickers are the cutest ways to help you journal your babies first year! Place these on your favorite onesie or T-shirt and snap a cute photo! Waterproof and tear-proof, these baby milestone stickers are ready for all of the action!

Stickers are perfect for baby books or journals, photo books, keepsake books to remember your baby’s milestones.

sticker 4

Baby Milestone Cards

These cards are simple yet fun ways to document milestones and snap a photo at the same time. Just jot down the date of the milestone on the card, and take a picture. Such an adorable idea!


Be it your baby’s first words, first steps, or first solid food, it’s a given that you would want to cherish those magical moments forever.

There may be numerous other ways to record these achievements and memories, but certainly nothing can beat this option – writing it down!

Let us know about the ways you record your child’s milestones. Also, it would be great to know about the things that you record.


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