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Stock Up These Last Minute Essentials – Just In Case!


Welcome to Motherhood! Cut down on errands during the blissful, exhausting days after the baby has arrived. How? Stock up these last minute essentials.

As moms, we have to pack so much – be it a visit to the doctor, a nearby supermarket or when we decide to go on that much-needed vacation. A mother often cares for the entire household work and in doing so she tends to forget a lot of things, which might be essential for her or for the baby.

Presenting some of the last minute essentials which you should always keep handy:


Keeping one bag always ready will help you in great lengths and will surely make your day to day life easier. This bag can be a diaper bag, or if you aren’t very comfortable with a diaper bag, keep a large tote bag with all the baby items inside it. These items should include a small sheet, nappies, diapers, diaper rash cream. This also comes handy if your baby falls sick and you have to plan an impromptu visit to the doctor.

Multi-functional and well-designed diaper bag, this Baby Bucket Diaper-cum-Mummy Bag, is a great choice. Designed to pack the whole baby world inside it, these bags are waterproof and quick drying.



We all know about the frequent hunger pangs of breastfeeding moms. It is extremely crucial for a new mother to keep her food intake correct and timed at regular intervals in order to keep up to the demands of a newborn baby. Always keep a jar of healthy snacks near your bed which you can munch at any time of the day. Also stock up your kitchen well in advance with snack boxes, so that whenever you step out of the house, you have these small things like healthy nutmix, pizza khakra and healthy roasted seeds, to nibble onto. It’s always great to stock your kitchen with fresh fruits as well. The good ol’ Granola bars are great healthy options too.

Made of whole grain oats, fruits and nuts, these Granola Bars are a great source of fibre, protein and essential nutrients.



Bless the person who developed baby wipes! Wipes can be used anywhere and everywhere! Of course, they are not only essential for the baby, but also come very handy in case you need to wipe your hands where water might not be available. It is always a good idea to keep baby wipes stocked up in your wardrobe well in advance.

These wipes are highly recommended by new moms, as they are not only 100 per cent bacteria-free with pleasant lemon fragrance, but also enriched with aloe vera extracts that give a cooling and soothing effect to baby’s skin.



Before you get your brains working, we aren’t asking you to keep your beauty kit always in place. Always keep a small pouch which will have your not-to-miss beauty bits and baubles. We all know, as moms our makeup might not be on point, but keeping this little kit handy will be a saving grace, just in case guests drop in. You can keep a kajal, liner, comb, lip balm and a compact inside it.

This bag from House of Quirk with exclusive compartments, would hold all your make up essentials.


Filled with goodies like lip balm, baby essentials, and chocolates, welcome baby in comfort and style. No matter what, these essentials will certainly make new moms’ lives so much easier.


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