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Swings: Your Key To Your Baby’s Happiness


Looking for a baby swing that will soothe your little one? Make the best choice from an amazing range of colorful and cute baby swings that Indian market has to offer.

Baby swings are the best choice when cradling becomes really tiring and painful. A great swing can be just the ticket to comfort babies from fussy to relaxed in minutes.

Baby swings have wide variety in terms of style and amenities, mechanics and footprint and rated on soothing, ease of use, quality, and safety.

This guide brings to you all the information that you must look into before buying the most comfortable and playful swing for your infant.

Safety Concerns

You can surely not miss on any of the points mentioned below:

  1. Weight: It is important to look for the minimum or maximum weight limits mentioned by the company to avoid risking your baby’s well being.
  2. Seat Restrain: It is essential that the seat and the straps on the seat are able to have a grip on the baby. Go for durable, strong straps that are also very comfortable.
  3. Canopy: It keeps your baby covered on the top thereby saving the baby’s delicate skin from harsh sun rays when he is out.

This portable swing from Primi with innovative True Speed Technology, which provides sustained swinging speeds even as baby grows and gets heavier. The swing features toy bar with two toys and full mosquito net. With the quick fold-and-go mechanism, this portable swing is the ideal travel companion.


Don’t miss on the comfort, safety or fun aspect when looking for the perfect baby swing for your little munchkin. Consider these important aspects:

  1. Swing Seat: You need to make sure that the seat comes with the best of the features because your kid is going to spend all the time sitting and playing on it.
  • Washable: You must buy the one which offers you the convenience of washing so that it stays clean and free from germs.
  • Clip: It helps you have the seat stationed at one position when child is done with swinging.
  • Padding: It is important for the comfort of the baby. But, not to forget that too much is also not good.
  1. Swing Frame: Frame supports the swing. It is important to have the right frame so that it prevents baby from falling.
  • Material: Swings with metal frames are considered to be good as they provide complete safety.
  • Base: The wider the base, greater the support.
  1. Swinging Motion: Here are some features that are a must:
  • Speed Setting: Adjustable speed helps you speed up or down as per requirement.
  • Timer: Having a timer helps you have a countdown and once timer reaches zero, the swing stops.
  • Direction: Mostly swings move back and front but some move side to side. You should select the one which your baby enjoys the most.

Playful Features

A swing without entertainment features is simply nothing.

  1. Toys: Some swings come with built-in toys along with playful lights.  Go with what your kid enjoys the most.
  2. Music Player: Babies enjoy music. Some models play beautiful nursery rhymes and some soothing music which helps baby sleep.
  3. Theme Selection: It is very important that you pick what interests your baby. A baby girl will always love stuff toys and dolls. Likewise, a baby boy would want cars and trucks. So go with what your child enjoys.
  4. Vibration Settings: Yes, you can now find the swings with vibration settings that can rock the baby to sleep.


This baby swing has all the accessories that you are looking for. This portable baby swing is appropriate for newborns to 2 year olds. It has a low profile frame and calming vibrations will soothe the baby like a ride in the car. The seat is closer to the toy bar for more comfortable interactive play. The birdie plug-in toy is within the baby’s reach. Baby can bat at the hanging toys to activate fun music sounds. It folds away compactly for taking it around. Suitable for ages 0 – 2 years and can handle maximum weight of 9 Kgs.

Of course with all that visual and audio stimulation on the swings, your baby will have a great playtime. Observing the room, reaching for toys, listening to music will be a wonderful influence on their little minds.


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