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The A to Z of Formula Feeding


Are you perplexed about feeding formula to your baby? Don’t worry! Formula feeding can be trouble-free if you make the right choices and keep everything organized before hand.

“Breast milk is the best milk”. There is no way you can find a precise alternative for mother’s milk. Still, there may arise a situation where you cannot exclusively breastfeed your baby and have to rely on other options. The reasons can be anything like low milk supply or being away from baby or having multiples and more.

This is when infant formula comes to your rescue. It is designed to meet baby’s nutritional requirements and suit their sensitive digestive systems.

Infant Baby Formula

There are many brands of Infant formula available online. Every brand has different stages based on your baby’s age from new born till 2 years.

It is always wise to consult with your child’s pediatrician before formula feeding. My twins were premature, so our pediatrician advised Dexolac for initial few months and then we switched to Nan Pro.


Feeding Bottles

Picking the formula was way too easier as we dutifully followed our doctor’s prescription. But selecting the feeding bottles was tricky. There were numerous options available online and we had to choose one from this ocean of brands.

There were many pointers we had to check like product quality, design and elasticity of the teat etc. Then after lot of brainstorming sessions, we ended up with these bottles which later became the proud choices behind our stress-free formula feeding journey.

Having twins, we had to rely on formula feeding right from the very first days of their infant stage, in addition to mother’s feed. So, we were in search for a bottle which will make the kids enjoy both the feeds equally.

Luckily, we stepped into Medela Calma bottle and decided to give it a try. This one has a specially designed nipple which gave the babies the same comfort of breast feeding. I swear, the price is a bit on the higher side, but certainly a must-have product to start with, if you are breast and formula feeding your baby, in parallel.


After few months when we were due for a new bottle we moved on to a comparatively cheaper yet a good quality product Philips Avent Natural Feeding bottle. It was indeed a smooth transition.


Bottle Cleanser

Next in the shopping cart will be the bottle cleansing products. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser was our first pick. Made from hundred percent food grade ingredients, this cleanser is perfect for cleaning nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers, feeding accessories, toys as well as food such as vegetables, fruits, etc.


Along with Mee Mee Bottle and Nipple cleaning brush,  the cleansing sessions were easy-breezy.


Bottle Sterilizer

We had to feed 2 infants every two hours which means we were in need of more bottles every day. The conventional method of sterilizing was very time consuming.

So we decided to opt for steam sterilizers and Philips Avent Bottle Sterilizer was our candid choice.


Formula feeding was a pleasant experience for our twins and certainly all these products played a remarkable role.

Of course, these tools aren’t meant to replace professional guidance. Your baby’s doctor can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis.


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