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The Enchanting Enchantico! Best Reads For Your 5-6 Year Olds


From astronomy in rhyme and fantasy, to friendship and self-discovery, there are some books a child must read. Some of them entertain; some of them open a child’s mind to cultures beyond what they have known while some expand the child’s imagination. So, how about having all the books in one box? Yes! Enchantico is your answer.

Books can help your child to be better informed, creative and complete. From the hordes of books, these 8 selection of books would certainly enchant your kids.


Without further ado, let’s have a look at these really quirky, fun and well-illustrated books for your tiny tots:

The Party In The Sky (Series: The World Of Anahi &Vir) Board Book by Jane D’souza:

How do you explain the latest solar system to your 5 year old? Simple, you make a rhyme for the solar system, which is exactly what this book does. It lets each planet waltz in with a different personality through memorable illustrations based on a rhyme that little children will love chanting. In the process, the planets will become their friends and the facts about them? Unforgettable!


The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson:

Do you know of any child who does not love dogs? We don’t either! That’s why this story of a dog with a keen sense of smell will be a great hit with your kids. It’s about a dog owned by a boy named Peter. The dog is known as Detective Dog Nell. From finding a lost shoe to discovering who pooped on the new gravel path, her ever-sniffing nose is always hard at work. And then Nell has other talents too.

Every Monday, she goes to school with Peter and listens to children read. Who better to have on hand when they arrive one morning to discover that the school’s books have all disappeared! Who could have taken them and why? There’s only one dog for the job … and Detective Dog Nell is ready to sniff out the culprit!

With a cute story line and lovely illustrations, The Detective Dog is a fast-paced celebration of books, reading, libraries, and the relationship between a little boy and his rather special dog.


Treasures from Tibet by Malavika Navale:

Talking about little pleasures, one of these is reading with Grandma. And Treasures from Tibet was the perfect fit for this. It’s a remarkable story about the unfettered love between a Grandma and her grandchild. Momo Ley and Pema bond so effortlessly over small pleasures.‘Treasures from Tibet’ is set in a cold, cold place but the book sure brings a lot of warmth to our hearts and kids will love the bright illustrations!


Wanted: Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar By Emily Mackenzie:

This one is not very different from Ralfy Rabbit, the bumbling bunny who is wanted under bibliophilia and Grand theft Lito! Apparently,Ralfy is crazy for books and loves to read; but gets into the terrible habit of stealing to feed this obsession. Good Bunny Lord in the sky! Will someone talk sense into this bunny burglar!?

A bunny addicted to reading! That was almost our mascot! What’s not to love? Emily Mackenzie will make sure they chuckle when your child reads about Ralfy’s adventures. Be careful though, bibiliophilia is highly contagious!


The Liszts by Kyo Maclear & Julia Sarda:

We’ve tried to help the tots get more organized by bringing to you, an adorable family we know. The Lisztz, who makes lists all the time, has lists for every month of the year but don’t have one for Sunday. They even have a list of lists that they are yet to create! Phew! It’s so tough to keep up with such an organized family. But, what happens when an unknown visitor just drops by?

The Listz is a funny book about a serious topic, i.e., getting organized. What could happen with bad organization is the rib tickling comedy with Kyo Maclear’s insanely imaginative stories and of Júlia Sardà’s lively illustrations.


The Last bargain by Samita Aiyer:

The book ‘The Last Bargain’ teaches kids the importance of paying just the perfect price. Chooheram is a vehement vermin always scrambling for a bargain. His bargaining tactics end up setting off a chain of events which end up getting him the biggest bargain of his life. But what will he have to give in return for such a huge bargain?

You’ll absolutely fall in love with a feisty little mouse who doesn’t want to part with his frugal ways. It could be a good teaching moment to show the kids how much is too much.

The kids will see themselves in Chooheram who constantly bargains for EVERY DAMN THING on this planet, whether it is bed time or the number of cookies or the amount of broccoli on their plate!


Urgency Emergency Series By Dosh Archer:

From helping Mrs. Rabbit and her to-be born bunnies from an accident to helping Incy Wincy Spider secure his wounds, Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy have a lot running at the City Hospital. Will they be able to make it in time? Find out in Mrs. Rabbit’s Bunnies and Injured Spider from The Urgency Emergency Series

We love Dosh Archer and we love that Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy teach kids how to react during any medical emergencies. We also love that Dosh pushes the kids to fight fear when they fear it the most. What a wonderful teaching moment!

Kids will love the illustrations and the ‘pengamedics’ who are no less than our super heroes! They’ll love the references from their favourite rhymes like Incy Wincy Spider and Ms. Muffet.


Little Legends: The Great Troll Rescue By Tom Percival:

Red is a brave little girl whose dad is a woodcutter. But is Red brave enough to face her own fears and rescue the innocent captives from the evil queen-witch? What’s more … there’s a troll she hates. And she has to rescue the troll too.

We love that Red could overcome her own fears to achieve something bigger than herself. Perhaps it might inspire your child to overcome theirs.

Kids will love Red and her friends, Rapunzel, Anansi, Gret, Jack and her talking hen Betsy. They will love the weirdly-named sea desserts that Bert tries to sell to the kids.


Your child is going to fall in love with the crazy adventures each of these book bring with them. Be it illustrations, storyline or the characters, it is sure that your child will be bawling with laughter.

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