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The Secret Weapon to Boost Your Kid’s Brain Power


A child’s brain undergoes a massive development during the first three years of his life. So the foundation for bringing up your kid as a highbrow personality has to be laid from the very early stages. Having said that, I can feel an immense pressure mounting within you. You may be bewildered and start your quest for the highly thriving techniques to boost your kid’s brain power. The reality is you don’t need any substantial methods or tricks. You will need only one secret weapon to support your child’s brain development. Read on to learn about it.

Modern parenting demands every child to be a prodigy. It’s quite natural as every parent desires to make their kid an enlightened scholar – a master of all trades. This insistence pushes them to hunt for all the viable means to get their mission accomplished. But you know what? Your child cannot acquire a robust brain power by signing for any supreme intellectual sessions or by practicing with any exorbitant tools. Rather, there is a very lucid way to tackle this.

Your child’s brain can become agile with one secret weapon and that is nothing but only YOU. Yes, all your child requires for boosting his brain power is YOU.

The best way to trigger his neurons is to hold on to your everyday activities with your child with utmost significance. Now let’s learn how YOU can stimulate and boost your baby’s brainpower.


Keep interacting with your baby whenever you get a chance. Your touch, eye-contact and cuddles will provide a feeling of comfort and peace to your baby. Try your best not to let your baby cry.

The more your baby feels emotionally safe and secure, the more will he be calm and happy. This state of tranquillity will be a great booster to your child’s cerebral matter.

Baby wearing is an ideal option for bonding with your baby. Read this article to know about various carriers that can soothe your baby and help you multi-task during your busy hours.


Sleep is an essential part of a healthy living. Sleep deprivation can have long time impact on brain development. Infants should sleep up to 18 hours a day, toddlers need 11 to 14 hours, preschoolers need 10 to 13 hours and school going kids need 9 to 11 hours of sleep.

You must ensure that your child is having a routine, deep and continuous sleep to support his sprouting brain. Newborn usually give a tough time to parents while putting them off to sleep. There are some real good Ghodiyus online that ease this process to a large extent.



Talk, talk and talk. Your non-stop chatter is the one which is going to strengthen your kid’s intellect. Keep questioning, keep reasoning, keep repeating and keep bonding through your words. This will greatly enhance his cognitive abilities and vocabulary.


Breastfeeding has a huge influence on brain power. Breast milk has many components which aid in the rapid development of the neural cells. In the initial months, breastfeeding can be very difficult. But there are certain ways by which you can make it easier.

As the kids grow up, you have to bring in healthy eating habits. There are many foods which are instrumental in bolstering your child’s brain. Make sure to include them in your child’s regular diet.


Children love to play and playing contributes a lot to the evolution of the brain. Keep encouraging your kid to play and your involvement will make it even more intriguing for him.

Play can be in any form like a Peekaboo, Puzzles, Building blocks, Pretend and play or any Outdoor play. Through playing, kids learn quite a lot and their memory expands. Playtime is precious, so ensure your kids enjoy it to the fullest.


Singing with your child will build his literacy, emotional intelligence and vocabulary. Music, in general, can accelerate brain development and improve IQ. Older kids can be motivated to take music lessons. In the case of infants and toddlers, expose them to some soothing music every day.



Early reading has a major impact on how your child’s brain process information. Storytelling can improve the imaginary and creative segments of the brain.

Besides the aforesaid activities, setting up a routine, inculcating good habits, involving them in creative hobbies and establishing an emotionally healthy environment are the prime factors which can upgrade your child’s brain power. And, you are the one who can provide all these to your child. YOU are the secret weapon to boost your kid’s brain power.

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