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This L’le Fashionista Just Took The Internet By Storm


Star kids and fashion! Both go hand-in-hand. Fashion running through their veins, it’s obvious to find the star kids to get into their celebrity parents’ shoes. Let’s find out the latest fashion icon-to-be on the block.

Lisa Haydon, the Queen actor whose Instagram feed was full of awe-inspiring photos all through her pregnancy, got blessed with a beautiful baby boy on May 17.

Unlike other Bollywood stars, the actor seems to be having no qualms about introducing her little star to the world. We just saw adorable Zack in a complete gentleman look with his hands folded and a bow tie.


Aww…. How cuuute this is! Lisa shared this picture of herself holding Zack on her Instagram story. This is the first time that we got a glimpse of her munchkin’s adorable face. We hope we get to see a fuller image of Zack soon.

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Image Credit: Instagram


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