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Up The Fun Quotient Of Your Kid’s Birthday Party!


There’s so much to do when it comes to planning parties, especially when it’s for your kiddo. You’ve got to send out invitations, choose the food, decorate for the occasion, entertain the guests, and the list goes on.

There are so many options these days that it’s hard deciding which way to go. There are definitely many decisions to make but the fun part is YOU get to design your own party and we’ll show you how!

There is nothing much more exciting for your child than his birthday.  They can’t wait to have fun with their friends, blow out the candles and open presents. Aah! but this takes planning, and it can be a little or a lot, it’s all up to you.

You will learn how to plan for your child’s birthday so you can have a “Wow” party. By following our Party Planning Steps, you will feel confident that you have everything you need for a great birthday party!

 Invitation Cards

A party without an invite is no party. These lovely invitations is a great way to round up your little one’s friends!

This site is great for their selection of layouts that can be designed to suit every type of birthday celebration.

For the personalized, e-invites, visit this page.


Thank You Stickers

Stylish personalized Thank You cards are meant to express your gratitude to your loved ones. They should be simple, and neutral that can be signed by anyone.

You would get a range of Thank You cards here.


Return Gifts

Birthdays are truly magical days for children as they get to be the STAR of the day receiving loads of gifts from family and friends. Parents are floored seeing the twinkle in the eyes of their kids and try their best to make their child’s special day, extra-special.

The highlight of any birthday party is always the gifts – be it the birthday gifts or the return gifts. A return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation to thank your guests for gracing the occasion and it also serves as a memento of your Birthday Party.


Table wares

Disposable party dining supplies for any event, big or small, without the washing up! Find for great value disposable serving platters, bowls and utensils as well as colourful plastic glasses, cutlery, tablecloths and baking supplies.


Party Caps and Blowouts

Be it theme based caps, costume accessories, facemasks or blowhorns, you get it all here.


Table Cover & Decor

If you are on a limited budget but desperately want to go for an amazing birthday celebration of your kid, you can find everything here to create a festive atmosphere for your child’s big celebrations.


Personalized Birthday Cake

At Deliciae Patisserie, they take an extra initiative to make your childs birthday a little more special. They work with what your child likes, and suggest theme based cakes depending on their favorite cartoon character, game, or anything else. We will then give you a range of design options for your child’s cake. They also do mini cupcake boxes, with the same chosen theme cupcakes as giveaways after the birthday celebration, since cupcakes are a hit amongst kids.


Carry bags

Carry bags add a touch of personalization while you pack the return gifts or eateries in them. This site has an amazing array of carry bags for giveaways.

carry bag

Theme Candles

Theme Birthday Candles are a great way to embellish the cake with the birthday party theme. There are character theme birthday candle which could be kept on the cake just to go with the theme in addition to the number candle.

This store has a wonderful selection of character theme, numbers, musical and generic theme candles. Be it Chhota Bheem, Doraemon or Smileys, you get it all here.


Your child’s birthday party certainly deserves a remarkable celebration!

Organize a theme as per your budget and theme. With our selection of party supplies, we’re sure you’ll have a splendid celebration.

To know about the Birthday themes that are a rage this year, read this article.


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