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Ways To Keep Your Kids From Forgetting Their Lunch Boxes

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How to help kids keep track of their stuff is a daunting task in itself. Especially, when it comes to forgetting their lunch boxes in school. It can be frustrating, we know! It’s a pain in the neck, not to mention the cost.  It’s up to Moms and Dads to provide their kids with the right tools to be successful at helping kids keep a tab of their lunch boxes. Let’s learn how.

It’s perfectly normal and common for six- and seven-year-olds to lose things. Kids at this age tend to be focused on lots of things, so remembering to put their lunch boxes in their bags isn’t always in their priority list.

Another day, yet another forgotten lunch box! So how do we make it interesting for them to track their lunch boxes much better, and not forget to bring back home?

Gone are the days of tin boxes and boring paper bags. Fortunately, there is a growing number of attractively-designed lunch boxes and backpacks exploding on to the market, exclusively designed for children.

So get creative and add these fun lunch boxes and backpacks to keep those worries at bay.

Two-in-one Backpack and Lunch Bag Sets

Known as “Forget Me Not Backpacks”, these backpacks in small sizes are not only smartly designed, but also comes with a matching lunch pack that actually fits right into the dedicated compartment with a see-through window. If that window isn’t showing the lunch box pattern on it? This means there is no lunch box in the bag. So your kids will never leave school without it!


Lunch Kits

Going creative is your key when it comes to helping your kids track their belongings. Especially when it’s boring lunch in the menu, excite your kids with these stylish yet fun lunch boxes. Your kids won’t forget them simply because they want to keep them.



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