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Weaning to Bottles…A Challenge? Not Anymore!


Breast milk is always the best, right? But if you’re going back to work or want to have sometime off to yourself, you’ll need to bottle feed. And that’s perfectly OK! But the big question is, which are the best bottles for your breastfed babies?

Since there are a variety of feeding bottles available and each brand advocating to be the best, it became difficult for me as a mother to make the choice. Some promised to be anti-colic, another one was BPA-free, yet another promised to help develop mouth muscles. But, I was still not sure. When a child is exclusively breastfed for 6 months, it’s very tough for a mother to wean off the baby emotionally. And not being sure of the feeder choices, makes it more tough.

So, stop worrying, as I help you with one of the first important decisions you’ll make as a mother:

Dr. Brown’s Feeders

I too had tried on a lot of brands before settling down on Dr. Brown’s feeders for babies. Finally, my mind was at peace.
From silicone nipples to ergonomic designs, the bottles are perfect to feed your baby. These products moreover are easy to grasp and handle.

With Dr. Brown’s feeding system, you can simply relax because it brings you the advantage of vacuum-free feeding that closely resembles breastfeeding.

Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottle

This bottle comes with an innovative vent system that proficiently removes air from milk. It also helps in maintaining vital vitamins like Vitamin A, E and C. In fact, if you extensively use these branded bottles, problems like burping, gas, colic spit-up etc. will be eliminated to a good extent. Don’t worry! The products are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle

My second favorite! Featuring a traditional narrow shape and the original vent system that set the standard for the industry, this bottle features the following benefits:

1.Helps reduce feeding problems
2.Proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients
3.Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion
4. Fully-vented bottle design.

Not just this, I have been using my set for past 3 years, and very satisfied with this product. The nipples are conveniently marked with different levels and are easily available. They are quite soft and easy for kids to grip. As a result, it makes their facial muscles strong.


At last, the problem of cleaning these bottles! Even here I exclusively bought Dr. Brown bottle cleaning brush. They have a soft brush for each part of the bottle, which turned out to be a blessing.

I have never turned back. Though they seemed a little expensive to me when I bought them, but, now after 3 years, I am sure that I made a right choice.

Except for these accessories that make our lives easier, we mothers must not forget ONE golden rule – “When it comes to bottle-feeding, every breastfed baby will react and adapt differently. The one thing that’s constant: The process takes patience and planning”.


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