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The Bliss Of Twin Parenting – Products That Help


Are you expecting twins? You may be totally perplexed by the essentials you need to buy to welcome your bundles of joy. Check out our curated list of products which are precisely designed for twins.

Parenting twins is not plain sailing. It will demand your patience, multitasking skills, immense physical and mental strength. What can ease this incredible journey is a bit of planning and opting for those special products meant for twins.

We have listed the must-haves for newborns in this article. We also have remarkable guides about breastfeeding essentials and formula feeding that you may want to have a look at.

Caring for two babies will not simply mean double of everything you buy. So apart from the newborn essentials mentioned in the above articles, there are some astonishing products which will make twin parenting a breeze. Their design and functionality will facilitate the twin parents to handle both the babies with equal attention and care.

Chicco Echo Twin Garnet

This is a stunning stroller aptly designed for twins. This will be perfect for 0-3 yrs and has all the safety elements defined in place. It even has a storage basket to accommodate your baby stuff while getting out for a ride.


The ease of use, safety measures and comfort for the twins with a breathtaking stylish look, qualifies this double stroller as a must buy.

Twins Feeding pillow

Breastfeeding twins can become strenuous when you have to feed both the infants at the same time, also known as “Tandem Feeding”. Nina Twins feeding pillow will make the feeding sessions more cosy for you and more pleasant for your twins.

NinaTwinNursingPillowIt is soft and has an adjustable fit and back support which prevents back ache. It also has a silent release clasp, with which you can open the strap silently without waking up the babies. All these comforts come at a reasonable price, so it is worth trying.

On the higher price end, there is My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow. This is one of the popular brands offering nursing pillows and it comes with a secure wrap around design.


It provides an adjustable fit for most sizes and easy to wash zip-off cover.

Stuff 4 Multiples Twingaroo Twin Carrier

Baby carriers or slings are the best alternatives if you don’t want to wander around with a bulky double stroller. Twingaroo Twin carrier from Stuff 4 Multiples has proven to be an optimal choice and the best of its kind.


It has a strong stitching with back up buckles for added safety. This twin carrier comes with a diaper bag, so you need not carry any added luggage while roaming out.

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Twin Bassinet

Bassinets are not as spacious as cribs but they aid the newborn to rest and relax with the same comfort as in a mother’s womb. This extraordinary Twin Bassinet from Graco is unique in many aspects.


The bassinets are completely removable making it reusable as a roomy playard as your twins grow. It is also easy to fold and pack making the travels more comfortable. The quilted mattress pad and bumpers are also detachable giving you an option to use them as per your comfort.

So gear up and vanquish the challenges of nurturing your newborn twins with these promising and convenient products. Happy Twin Parenting!

Photo credit: love_K_photo via Visualhunt.com / CC BY


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