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What To Include In Your Postpartum Kit!


Giving birth to a baby, is a birth of a mother too. And most often while packing a bag to the hospital for delivery, our concern is totally about what the baby would need. Be it clothes, creams, oil, comb, soft towel, diapers so on and so forth. But, we often forget the moms in the process who require equal care right after the delivery. Let’s discuss some of the pre-requisites to stock up before you pop out.

Post delivery the family of the new mom runs around to fend for things. This list of the must-haves would surely help you prepare for the postpartum phase. So pick up your pen and cross check your list.

Pads: Lady, you will bleed. And in all possibility you will bleed for the nine months you didn’t. So pick up the most comfortable pads off the counter and keep them handy. You will need them as soon as the baby pops out. Normal or C-sec is irrelevant!


Disposable Panties: Again keep your stock up. These are very easy to use and throw. Whether they are blood stains or oil stains (due to mandatory 40 days massage), these panties are life-savers. Super cheap and saves you the trouble of additional laundry load. After delivery, a woman will feel uncomfortable and pain on wearing normal panties which will constrict on the stitches. Thus having these in a size bigger than your pre pregnancy panties, eases the discomfort.


Postnatal Belt: If you have had a normal delivery you can wear it within a day or two. Even in case of a C-sec, like mine, many doctors allow you to wear them within a week. They are quite useful to an extent to push that hanging tummy back to its place. Not just this, these postnatal belts are designed for relief from those niggling aches and pressure in sensitive areas through postpartum period. Designed to provide support to the abdomen, hip and spine, it also helps you correct your posture, while nursing.


Stool Softener: This might sound gross, but after pushing a baby out, you are more than just scared to push anything out with force. So, stool softeners always come to the rescue, but remember picking up medicines off the counter may harm the baby, so go natural. Have lots of water and fibre-rich food. Try to add prunes to your diet. They definitely provide some relief.


Nursing Bra: They are usually the neglected item on a new moms checklist, but trust me, opening and closing your regular ones seems like a task while feeding. Specially in those initial days, when nursing is in itself a task! Worrying about the milk supply and leaking burdens the mind enough. With these, you need not bother to unhook and hook.

Postpartum phase being the initial phase of motherhood, you are all tired feeding your baby throughout the day. Learn about ways to make breastfeeding easier, in this article.


Medical Kit: Consult your Gynaecologist way in advance about the pain killers you might need. Also the antibiotic cream to apply to those stitches and also cream to heal those sore nipples. Team them up with sterilized cotton dabs. And you are all set for those initial days at the hospital.

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Remember friends along with these, pack your most comfortable clothes and organic skin care products in your bag. No one will judge you about the way you look right now. Your comfort is most important.

And every mother deserves peace post delivery because she has already gone through enough for now. So stay happy, and stress free. You are just about to welcome your most precious thing in the world.

Most importantly, don’t forget to like and share these tips so that they reach out to all the moms-to-be and save them from the hassle of stress, post delivery.


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