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Why Even A BOY Should Play With A Doll


When you are looking for that perfect toy for your toddler boy, “doll” is not something that will hit your mind. But why is it? We all do the mistake of not buying dolls for our baby boys. But, it’s a toy every kid should play with irrespective of gender. Let’s know why.

Why do you think a baby doll is a popular toy for all the kids? There is surely a reason behind it. Let’s learn what are the benefits of playing with baby dolls.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

While playing with a doll, kids indulge in various acts. Their each act helps improve their fine motor skills. Putting a pacifier to her mouth or dressing her or feeding her, these plays enhance their hand-eye coordination along with their emotional quotient. These will go a long way in developing their fine motor, social as well as emotional skills in day to day life.


Enhance Social & Emotional Skills

Social skills are vital in order to survive in this society. A little boy pretend playing with a doll can help him develop social skills in magical ways. This also would help him to inculcate caring, sharing and bonding early on.

Playing with dolls provides an opportunity to learn important emotional skills. Also strengthens caring and nurturing skills which are crucial for emotional development. Dolls being soft and comfortable, kids love cuddling them with care and love. They know that a friend is always there, to whom they can speak their hearts out.


Aids Language Development

Baby dolls happen to be an excellent toy when it comes to kids’ language development. Not only that, it helps express feelings too.

Learn about the toys that are a proven success in developing language skills in children.


Teaches Life Skills

Imaginative play sessions with dolls help them learn the art of daily activities in a better way. Be it tooth brushing, potty training , getting dressed or washing hands. Playing with dolls help master these daily activities in no time.


And this is why, children of all genders should have a doll. It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive. In fact, the simpler the doll, the more imaginative the play will be. It’s amazing that how these dolls can inspire young little minds.

Let’s remember that toys are for everybody, be it a doll for a baby boy or a truck for a baby girl.

Do let us know what you think on this subject.


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