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Kid’s First Day At School? Tricks To Make It A Pleasant One


The first day of school has become more fearsome for parents than for the kids. We, the modern parents are forced to feel anxious about way too many things. One such concern is to pick the right school supplies which will please your child and let him enjoy the pleasant schooling days. Today we will aid you in making those precise choices.

How will your kid react to his first day at school? Can any of you answer this? Nah! Until he is done with his introductory day you will never know what surprise he will be throwing at you. It can go either way – full of fun and amusement or a debacle with crankiness and tantrums overloaded. You will be crossing your fingers and bewildered with too many thoughts.

A good beginning always has a positive influence. So you have to keep him optimistic by showcasing the positives of going to school and what he will gain from that. You should give him the confidence that you will be there for him anytime. More than everything you should find those products which will keep him comfy and independent while he is away from home.

Here is all that your kiddo will need on his first day at school:

Lunch Boxes

Make food time a fun time for your kid with this attractive tiffin box. Pack anything from Pasta to Pizza and let your kid forget the first day blues.


When it comes to fruits and snacks, go for these attractive snack boxes, Guard Storage Container and Containers for Storing Bananas. You will be surprised to see an empty box after your child is back home.BananaHouse

Water Bottles

Trendy, leak-proof and cartoon character water bottle! Your little one will be all the more excited to the idea of going to school.

This choice is certainly going to be a winner in developing the interest in your child.


School Bags

School bags are the main attraction for a kid. Buy them their favorite cartoon character bag that will suddenly grasp the child’s attention.

Minion and Hello Kitty from Shopaholic are attractive Cartoon backpacks for your cute ones which will surely be liked by them. It is quite spacious and can fit your child’s toys and other Learning things. Gift your kids this cute bag and let them hang out with their favorite cartoon bag.017

Other Accessories

Pack fancy stuff into their bags right from the writing kits to the pencil boxes, to make it more fun for them.

Throw this funky mushroom-shaped pencil pouch into the backpack and in no time your kid will be all to set to start for the school.



A tip that comes handy. Once it comes to school, kids tend to mix up things with their peers. So it is necessary to label all their belongings with mini labels.

So that’s it, your kid is ready for school now. Make the best of choices as it is the most important milestone for both him and you as a parent.

Watch your child cherish his schooling days – peppy environment, endearing friends, amazing school stuff means a Happy School Going Kid!

Please share your experiences of your kid’s first day at school in the Comments section below.


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