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You’re Pregnant! … Now What? Complete Guide

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If you have seen those two beautiful pink lines – Congratulations! Welcome to the most beautiful phase of your life – Pregnancy!

In this beautiful journey you also grow with each and every day along with your little life growing inside you. Now that you’ve discovered that you are pregnant and if this is for the first time you should be well informed about each and everything.

Presenting to you some of the pointers which is extremely crucial to keep in mind when you are pregnant:

  • BEAT MORNING SICKNESS – Almost 90% of pregnant women experience morning sickness in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Many women swear by the fact that this is the worst phase of their pregnancy as they wake up in the morning, most of the times feeling all weird and sick. Always eat home cooked food in the first trimester. Keep may be a banana or  some nuts by your bedside so that whenever you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you don’t have to rush to the kitchen.


  • GYNAECOLOGIST – A good doctor is equally essential for a mom-to-be as much is healthy and nutritious food in her diet. Speak to people in your neighborhood for a good doctor. Ask and clarify every other question from your doc. However simple the question may be. Whenever there is a doubt call your doc first rather than searching for answers on the internet.
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  • EXERCISE– Yes, you heard it right! You can still continue to exercise when you are pregnant. Brisk walking is a good option to keep yourself fit throughout your pregnancy. Try to avoid heavy weight lifting though.

If you want to know about the right yoga postures for the different phases of your pregnancy, this book from Francoise Barbira Freedman, would be the best choice for beginners.


  • VACCINES & MEDICINES – Be up to date with your vaccines. This is essential because when you take vaccines you are not only protecting yourself but your baby as well. Also be regular on your prenatal vitamins like iron, folic acid, and calcium. Of course, under the supervision of your doctor!


  • STAY CONFIDENT OF YOUR BODY – Now that you are pregnant, it is entirely in your hands to take good care of your body. Stay confident of it throughout your pregnancy. Do not google everything and anything about certain questions which might pop up in your mind. Also, try to avoid seeing too many birth stories which might make some of you more nervous. So, stay happy. Stay Strong.


  • INVEST IN A GOOD BODY BUTTER OR LOTION – As you move forward in your pregnancy, with an ever increasing belly the skin is bound to stretch. So, it is always a good option to buy a nourishing and moisturizing lotion at the start of your pregnancy. Start applying it from the beginning only so that the stretching skin does not give you any troubles in the future.

This cocoa butter formula from Palmer’s Formula Massage Lotion is an all-over-body massage lotion that helps reduce the possibility of developing stretch marks.

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  • SHOP FOR MATERNITY WEAR – The initial few months are going to be okay, but as you progress in your pregnancy, it’s a good option to buy some good maternity wear. Shopping will help alleviate your mood and enjoy this phase of pregnancy.

Learn about various apparels that are a rage in Maternity fashion and works wonderfully to dress that precious bump. Read it here.


  • EAT WISELY AND CAUTIOUSLY – You need not eat for two. This is a myth which many women fail to recognize. Eat only as much as you feel hungry. Avoid eating extra, as women are always at a risk of gestational diabetes, if the sugar levels shoot up.


  • SHOP FOR BABY STUFF – This is the best phase for shopping for your little guest who will soon be making his entry. You would want to buy the whole store for your little one. But hold on to your wishes and also to your wallet. Buy some stuff, but don’t go overboard with baby stuff shopping.

Stock up your wardrobe with onesies and some essentials that will be required for your newborn.


  • ENJOY AND SIT THROUGH THIS PHASE – Yes mamas-to-be, you all heard it right. Enjoy this beautiful phase. Go to your nearby salon for a nice pampering session or better still plan on a baby moon.

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With all these preparation, we’re sure you’ll make your pregnancy a lifetime memory by being healthy, safe and fashionable.

We will be together in this most beautiful journey to help you, to listen to you and also to share your motherhood experiences.

Do share with us in the comments below the points that we may have missed.

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